When it comes to ensuring that your child is well-cared for, you’ll need the best toys for them to learn from! Whether you have a son or daughter, you can never go wrong with a play kitchen for older child, as this teaches them many things and keeps their imagination alive!

But since there are so many play kitchens to choose from, it can be difficult selecting the best one for you. That’s why I did the research to help you choose the ultimate play kitchen your little one will love. Read on as I show you everything you need to know about the best play kitchen for older child!

The 8 Best Play Kitchen For Older Children

Based on my tests, research and overall customer reviews, these are the best play kitchens you can invest in today:

  1. The Innovative and Realistic: KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set


KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set

What I love most about the KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set is how amazing it looks. It’s truly the ultimate play kitchen, coming with everything and in such a modern, attractive design that has my children love playing with it.

I also appreciate the innovative look to it, coming with the realistic equipment like the oven, fridge, and even washer doors you can open or close. There’s even a phone that has your little one pretend they’re in an actual kitchen and taking calls while they cook!

The burners and ice maker that comes with realistic lights and sounds, as well as all the pots and pans lined with a rack for an organized time.

While it may be a bit of a pain to assemble because of its many features, you can still do it yourself and it’ll all be worth it. My child loves everything about it and I enjoy playtime more with her because of this strong and amazing play kitchen! All in all, it’s definitely worth the investment.


  • It’s sturdy and can last for a long time
  • Excellent counter space for better playtime
  • Realistic features with lights and sounds
  • Has a modern and attractive design
  • My children love playing with it


  • Takes a lot of time for assembling
  • Not enough shelves in cabinet and fridge


  1. The Cute and Adorable: Step2 Best Chef’s Toy Kitchen Playset 

Step2 Best Chef's Toy Kitchen Playset


If you’re looking for something adorable for your little one to enjoy, then the Step2 Best Chef’s Toy Kitchen Playset! What’s so great about this play kitchen is its cute design, which has my little ones looking forward to playing and having the time of their lives. While it may not look the most realistic, it definitely has the cool features that will have your children feel like they’re in the real kitchen,

There are clicking knobs on the stove top and a working fridge, oven, and enough counter space for “preparing” their food. Another huge plus is the excellent kitchen storage, from the hooks and a recycling bin to have them learn about cleanup and organization!

Al in all, I believe it’s worth the price that you and your children will enjoy. Assembly was easy and I had no trouble getting it up and encouraging my little ones to play with it.


  • Quick and easy setup, takes less than two hours
  • Cute and adorable design for all kids to love
  • Comes in a space-saving size for small areas
  • Many storage space for excellent organizational skills
  • Has the awesome features for realistic play


  • The play kitchen is not too big of a size for many to play in
  • The holes need to be drilled for assembling


  1. The Compact and Stylish: Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen 


Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen

If you’re tight on space and are currently on a budget, then the Little Tikes Super Chef Kitchen is an excellent long-term investment. The one thing I love most about it isn’t just its affordability, but also the fact that it comes at such a compact space, making it fit the small space I have for my child’s playroom.

The play kitchen itself is compact and stylish, with a modern design that reenacts the real look of a kitchen. It has the typical features of a play kitchen, with the adequate storage space, the clicker knobs, even working microwaves and oven doors. There is also room inside the cabinets and fridge to store food for preparation, which makes it feel even more realistic.

And for its affordable price, it comes with a host of other utensils to use immediately. With its complete package and compact size, I believe it’s best for those who are looking for something on the cheaper side and to fit a small area.


  • The play kitchen is a compact size to save on space
  • Comes with more utensils for a complete package
  • Affordable price compared to other play kitchens
  • It has realistic features like clicker knobs and openable doors
  • There is storage space for awesome plat


  • It’s best suited for only one-child play
  • Materials made of plastic and may look cheaper than expected


  1. The Sleek and Modern: Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen 

Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set

What I love about the Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen is its sleek and modern design. It looks just like your typical modern kitchen but with the elegant look to it, which bumps up its realistic appearance to it that had my kids excited when they first saw it!

It may seem a bit expensive at first, but once you see its features and look into what it has to offer, then you’re in for a treat. It doesn’t only look attractive but it also has the features that make it seem like your kids are really working in the actual kitchen. It has the oven burners with clicking knobs, as well as a window and slidable oven rack for baking. It even has a chrome faucet with turnable knobs!

When you want to have your child’s imagination run wild, then this is the perfect toy to invest in! I always recommend this to parents if they have the extra budget.


  • Heavy-duty and well-made, can last for a long time
  • Very realistic and modern design, looks amazing
  • Awesome features and sufficient storage space
  • Easy to clean and reenacts the real kitchen


  • Weighs heavy and may need help in assembly
  • Instruction manual is difficult to understand


  1. The Deluxe and Safe-to-Use: USA Toyz Hape Kitchen Playset

The Deluxe and Safe-to-Use USA Toyz Hape Kitchen Playset

I really love the USA Toyz Hape Kitchen Playset because of its materials used when making it. Not only was it made of the durable craftsmanship that makes it strong and durable, but also with the premium materials that make it safe to use! It’s made of the nontoxic parts to ensure that children above three years old are able to use the play kitchen and utensils without a hitch.

I like the fact that it’s a space-saver! While it’s just one counter good for one or two children, it’s lightweight and easy to setup, coming with the necessary utensils to start “cooking!” Everything is safe to use and ready to play with, taking less than an hour to assemble.

From its excellent quality, cute design, and its wonderful value for money, it’s definitely worth the price. This is best for one or two smaller kids and those who need something small to save on space.


  • Adorable and cute design
  • Made of nontoxic materials for safety when playing
  • Complete materials and utensils included
  • Small and compact, great for small rooms
  • Easy to setup, takes less than a few hours


  • Small and only one countertop
  • Not the best for many older children


  1. The Solid and Durable: Hape My Creative Cookery Club Kid’s Wooden Play Kitchen 

Hape My Creative Cookery Club Kid’s Wooden Play Kitchen

If you’re looking for a wooden kitchen playlet to gift your little one, then I recommend the Hape My Creative Cookery Club. While it’s best for one or two children because of its small and compact size, it definitely does the job in keeping them entertained while staying sturdy and durable to last for the long run.

It’s made of the solid wood construction, which has the painted and natural wood surfaces. However, it’s crafted excellently and from quality materials so there’s no worry about it getting damaged or any splinter accidents in the long run. After a few months of owning the playset, it still holds up and lives to its name as the solid make my (maybe) future children will enjoy!

The playlet was extremely easy to assembly and came with everything I needed to start setting it up. It’s simple and doesn’t have the frills, but it does the job in keeping my child’s imagination run wild!


  • Excellently crafted wooden design for strength and durability
  • Cute and simple design for a fun playtime
  • Easy to assemble and complete materials
  • Fun-sized and saves on space at home


  • It’s small and not suitable for many children
  • Some kids might not like the wooden design


  1. The Easy Assembly and Complete: Melissa and Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen 

Melissa and Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen

Another excellent and compact kitchen with the smart design is the Melissa and Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen. Yes, it’s made of wood but has the faulty craftsmanship to it that makes it look realistic and with a modern vibe to it which I appreciate.

I like that it comes in two colors, so your child can choose what they want and enjoy it regardless. Once it arrives, it might be a bit tough to understand the instructions at first, but you’ll get everything done in less than a day. It’ll be ready to use, coming with awesome lights and clicking knobs to give the realistic experience.

With everything you see in a kitchen included, it makes for perfect playtime and meant to last for the long run. It may be a bit on the expensive side, but it’s definitely worth the price! This is best for those looking for single play kitchens with a realistic appearance.


  • Lightweight and compact, space-saving size
  • Realistic and looks modern
  • Made of durable materials built to last
  • Complete accessories and kids love it


  • Some complaints of difficulty in assembly
  • Faucet knobs are a bit loose


  1. The One for Many Kids: KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen 

KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

Last but not the least, we have the KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen! While it might be more expensive than what you’re used to, you’ll be amused with its excellent material that make it well worth its price. It also has the big design, making it suitable for many children to play with.

However, because it’s bigger and comes with a ton of realistic features, it can be a pain to assemble! You can do it yourself, but it can take an entire day before setting everything up. When it’s done, you’ll see why it’s all worth the work because of how cool it looks and how interested your kids will be when playing with it. It has everything you need, with all the little details included in it.

So if you have more than one child or expect a lot of playtime buddies, then this kitchen is worth the investment.


  • Complete materials and equipment for realistic kitchen experience
  • Awesome make and durable materials to last
  • Big enough to be played by many children


  • Might not be the best for small areas
  • Can take long to assemble


The Benefits of Play Kitchens on Children

You’re probably wondering: Of all the kinds of toys available, what makes a play kitchen beneficial for both son and daughter? Isn’t this a toy used just for young daughters to encourage them for “ladylike” duties?

Well, that’s where you’re wrong! A play kitchen isn’t only a source of entertainment, but it can also help in enhancing your child’s growth and development in many ways! here are just some of the benefits investing in a play kitchen for your child has to offer:

Kids Learn Teamwork and Sharing

What’s great about having a play kitchen is that you and your other kids can play along as well. This teaches your little one the importance of sharing and taking turns, as well as delegating tasks. They’ll learn about how to be patient and let other children play while they play another role as they play kitchen

Helps Them Know Responsibility

When playing kitchen or restaurant, what your kids have to do after is to cleanup, whether playing or when they’re done with the game. This teaches them the responsibility to cleanup after themselves, as well as the responsibility and leadership when working as a team. It also shows them about organization and creating a system to clean up from!

Gives Them More Creativity and Imagination

Imaginative play is an important role in a child’s growth and development. Not only does it enhance their creativity, but it helps them gain ideas, which will help them once they are in school or doing extra-curricular activities! As creativity sparks, so does their confidence and self-expression. It also enhances their story-telling skills, which is vital for their future!

Enhances Visual Recognition and Counting

Last but not the least, a play kitchen has most, if not all, shapes and colors which can help enhance your child’s visual recognition. It also teaches them organization by counting how many equipment and food they have to serve, or even identifying what they have easily. It doesn’t only teach them about kitchen, but maths as well.


How to Purchase the Best Play Kitchen for Older Child

A play kitchen has its many benefits, but it only works if you choose the suitable one for both you and your child. You’ll be surprised that there are a number of things to consider when it comes to selecting a play kitchen. It isn’t just about selecting the first one you see online!

To help you out, here are some helpful tips and factors to consider when choosing a play kitchen for older child (you can have them help make the selection as well!):

Strong and Quality Materials

For starters, you should ensure that the play kitchen is made of the strong and durable materials so you won’t have to worry about it breaking off anytime soon. You want to get your money’s worth, and it’s best to have the kitchen last long while it stays safe to use for your children

Complete and Helpful Materials

You want to get a play kitchen for your child to learn from, which is why it’s important to get one with the appropriate materials, having complete equipment for them to learn as well as the shapes and colors they can easily distinguish. Plus, it lessens the complaints and hassle of having to purchase things separately.

Effective Size and Easy Assembly

You should also consider the size and weight of the play kitchen, to ensure that it fits the playroom of your child and will be easy to assemble. This is important, depending on your handiwork skills or how many of you can set it up! It should have the complete instruction manual.

Attractive Design

Last but not the least, you’ll want to make sure that the play kitchen you choose has the enticing and attractive design that won’t only look good in the room, but also looking cool enough for your child to want to play with it. Personally, I prefer something of a modern design!


Tips on Using a Play Kitchen and Playing With Your Child

Now that you’re familiar with the advantages of a play kitchen and how to choose the best one, what are tips on how to keep the play kitchen fun and long-lasting? Here are the things to follow for better playtime and to get your money’s worth!


  • Besides a play kitchen, your little one deserves to have the appropriate and fun playroom to use it in. Encourage them to play and enhance their imaginative skills with a fun space with bright colors and comfortable area.
  • Ensure that they have playtime every day to keep their amusement levels up. It’s not just all study and school. Give them at least half an hour and play together or invite their friends over to develop their social skills.
  • You can encourage their imaginative play through interacting and socializing with your little one while they play with the kitchen. Be in the pretend world with them so they learn more than just how to act in the kitchen
  • Make sure that your child will clean up and avoid tough play with the kitchen. Put everything in order after playtime and teach them not to throw their toys or damage the play kitchen in any way.

If you aren’t able to purchase a play kitchen just yet, you can make your own with the help of your little one! Here’s an informative video on how to make a play kitchen from scratch:


Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! With a proper play kitchen for older child, you won’t have a problem with playtime and strengthening their skills and imagination. It all begins with the right toys like these for better growth and development, after all.

Out of all the play kitchens tried and tested, I comment the KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set. I’m in love with its corner design to save up on space in the child’s playroom, as well as the modern and beautiful look to it that entices my children to go play kitchen!

From its realistic design to its sounds and lights, I believe it to be the best investment for your child! It’s complete with the safe materials for a great time playing no matter the time of day. My children definitely enjoy this long-lasting and strong play kitchen themselves.

Hopefully, this article on the best play kitchen for older child gave you an idea on what you should invest in for your kids today. So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these play kitchens now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews on any of these play kitchens, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!