Guides in Giving Your Baby an Utmost pack n play sheets waterproof

pack n play sheets waterproof

Are you clearing the way for the coming of your bundle of joy already?  The things people find exhilarating and intriguing the most is putting together their playroom and getting where they will spend their sleeping time ready. Remember the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) endorses that you keep your infant in the same room where you sleep but on a different bed for at least six months to a year after birth, this highly reduces the danger of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Your newborn can enjoy her sleep and nap time in a Moses basket, bassinet or a crib,and they are both safefor your bundle of joy to spend the night. The crib is a lot bigger than the bassinet which is most times covered with a hood that can be pulled over your little one while asleep.

Most bassinets have a maximum weight of 20 pounds; this means it would not sustain your little one for as long as a crib will do. Some also parents opt to use a pack n play as a crib for their baby right from the first day of birth due to the fact that it has a diaper changing station and a bassinet attachment. The pack n play can also be used as a play yard for your little one even till toddling age.

You will definitely want to get yourself a baby rocking chair to come to your aid in critical times to keep your baby busy when you will need a minute whether to ease yourself, to make a call or to refuel yourself by eating.

What are Moses baskets?

They are straw plaited materials woven into the shape of bassinets used by parents to put their little ones to sleep in the first few months of their life. AMoses basket is safe enough for your baby to sleep in her first few months when used according to laid down a rule which says that babies should only be placed in the Moses basket for nap time.

The Moses basket should not be placed on a rough or coarse surface, but on a flat and smooth surface. It should be noted that the Moses basket has not been endorsed safe for use by the consumer product safety commission due to the risk of a fall in it when your baby turns sideways.

The don’ts of a Moses basket

Your baby should not be put to sleep in the Moses basket on a place higher than the surrounding area, whether on a table, on a sofa or on a bed.

In no case should you move your baby while asleep in the Moses basket, the handle of the basket are designed to move the basket only, not for moving the basket and the baby.

You should only use the Moses basket for the first few months of your baby’s life, and should be stopped once your little one can roll over or sit up to reduce the risk of your little one falling over.

Blankets, pillows or toys should not be placed in the Moses basket alongside the baby to avoid asphaxylation. Once your baby is swaddled with a blanket, she will be kept warm.

The Moses basket has a weight range that ranges from 15 pounds to 25 pounds. For safety purposes, your baby should not use the basket once he is above the weight limit.

What bassinets are

​Bassinets are portable beds used mostly for newly born babies. Many parents prefer using bassinets for their newborn because of the ease in moving it from one room to another, having an established practice of feeding, bathing changing diaper, rocking gently or singing lullaby before placing the baby in the bassinet to sleep helps train the baby in looking forward to being placed in the bassinet to sleep

  • Putting your little one to sleep in a bassinet

Endeavor to put your baby into the bassinet while still awake or a bit drowsy,  this will help him learn to settle down to sleep after you have taken him through the normal daily routine of his night time feeding, bathing, putting on a new diaper,gentle rocking, depending on how your routine is duly arranged.

  • Wrap your baby in a receiving blanket, if she enjoys it;

Swaddle your baby, if she enjoys being swaddled, by wrapping her in a receiving blanket. Newborns are normally used to an environment as tight as a packed sardine, so a tight swaddle can help your baby stay asleep a little longer.  Swaddling babies can be a lot comforting to them; it can also limit uncontrollable physical actions that might want to keep your baby up at intervals.

To swaddle your little baby, your baby should be placed in the middle of a large triangularly folded blanket. After which you will cover her with one arm of the blanket, then you will wrap and tuck the blanket a bit tight under your baby. The other side of the triangle will then be folded and tucked just like the first one, before you finally settle your baby down in the bassinet

  • Sing your baby a quiet song to put her to sleep.

Read your bundle of joy a story or sing a beautiful song to her hearing, once you've placed her in the bassinet. Since your baby has gotten used to hearing your voice from the womb, singing songs or talking and gesticulating for your baby as you sweet voice serves as a reminder that you are with them and not leaving anytime soon

The pack and play

The pack and play is likened to a little baby cot which serves as a crib that makes comfortable spaces available for babies to rest, sleep and play,  with the upgraded version providing space to keep you organized by providing a changing station and even a little storage for your babies every time need. The pack and play is also very useful when travelling or going on a vacation

Making the most of your pack and play

While you are busy doing the dishes, doing the laundry or making dinner, your pack n play will amazingly keep your pretty little guy busy. All you have to do is attach variety of toys round the edges of your pack n play,and then you can only keep an eye on him while he explores his world.

Your pack and play is very valuable in that it can be used as a crib once your little one is around especially if you have one with a bassinet attached to it. The diaper changing station will also serve you right instead of a changing table.

If you decided to go to the beach with your family on weekends,having a pack n play handy at the beach will provide a safe haven for the young ones to play till they are ready to delve into the world of sand and enjoy the wave of the waters. You can even always keep your stuff in the pack n play while you are having fun and bonding with the family

During holidays, camping is a win-win for most families. Getting your pack n play along to the trip will make your infant or toddler feel at home because she cherishes her privacy and sleep time a whole lot.

While away from home on vacation or you are paying a visit to your grandparents, your toddler or infants might find it hard adapting to their new environment thereby having difficulty settling down to sleep. There are a number of things that can be helpful in easing them of these changes.

You should bring things that carry the scent of home along with you. Your child’s favorite blanket, her lovely crib sheet and her favorite toy should not be left behind.  Getting a dim camp light might be helpful and comforting too.

As a second time mum with your first child being a toddler and your infant sharing the same room,you might not want them share rooms at naptime; your infant can be napped in the pack n play while your toddler uses the crib

What if you need few minutes to chill or to shut yourself out of the world to make a decision? Or few minutes to replenish energy, or few minutes to mop up a spilled soup on the floor? The pack n play will be exceedingly valuable to receive your infant or your toddler.

If you really like your kids having a separate playtime on her own, the pack n play will be great this time to prevent your dear toddler from slipping and hitting head on  the walls or on the hard floor. They can always build their blocks in the pack n play, staying injury free

You should even have a pack n play in your visitors room, this will be of a great use when you have friends and families visiting, you are rest assured that the safety of their little ones are guaranteed.

It should however be noted that packs n play, play yards and strollers are designed to ease nursing and looking after our little ones, they should not be left there all day, these adversely affect their much needed growth and development

For utmost maintenance of your pack n play, you will need to get yourself the gift of crib sheets for your pack n play, the waterproof padded one offer a bit more advantage compared to the conventional one. Kindly make sure they fit your specifications such as fluffiness, the homely designs and motifs on them and double check its ability to protect our pretty little one.

What to look out for before getting your pack n play sheet

While shopping for  your  baby’s  pack n play sheets, ensure the you go for the ones that stretches enough to cover the pack n play end to end,make sure they are soft and cozy enough to warmly receive your baby.

The bulkiness of your pack n play mattress should also be taken into consideration so you would get a perfect fit for your mattress. Getting a smaller one will shrink your baby’s pack n play mattress while an extra big sheet will also be a bit dangerous for your baby because she can easily pull it when loose and stuff it down her throat.

Getting sheets with elastic in their edges will also save you a great deal of energy! Because it easily adjust to the mattress and it stays put compared to the ones without elastic which you will always have to tuck into the sides properly.

A waterproof mattress sheet is as important as the pack n play mattress because it protects it from trickles, dirt and spills. The sheet can be cleaned with ease using a moist baby wipe.

Steps in using the Pack and Play Waterproof Mattress Sheet

The pack and play waterproof mattress sheet is an amazing impermeable material designed specially to keep out liquids and dirt from the pack and play helps keep the mattress dry and clean, so get little ones get real comfort inresting and playing.

If the little ones get to pee, throw upor blows out in her bed, this amazing pad prevents the packs and play mattress from getting stained or wet

Merits of the pack and play Waterproof Sheet

If your waterproof mattress pad fits the packs and play perfectly, you don’t have to be worried over leakages or soaking of the packs and play mattress

These waterproof flat sheets have been proven to be safe, since no accident of any kind has been recorded so far, they are specially made for babies, so they are tagged ‘baby brand’

These sheets can equally be doubled to save you the stress of dealing with a full sheet if your baby gets wet in the middle of the night or you get caught up doing the dishes while your  little pretty one get the sheet soiled while being fed . You can always strip off the first messy layer to unveil a fresh untouched one. This always serves as a big time life saver in times like these.

The rule of thumb four works greatly here, two absorbent sheets folded in layers, one in the laundry and the remaining one in the hamper.

Your magical rocking chair

The rocking chair has an astonishing way of gently calming your crying baby, especially while doing the laundry, making breakfast or helping your 3 year old with assignment. The vibrations of the chair helps calm your baby down while you go ahead catching up on time.

What does a rocking chair look like?

Your baby rocking chair mostly reclines low to the ground, has a light, easy to move seat that bounces back and forth with a soothing effect on your baby. Rocking chairs are said to be safe for new born infants because they are designed in a way that ensures the safety of your babies.

Most rocking chairs are equipped with toys, music, bells and whistles that make sounds to tickle the fancy of your little one.

Being afirst time mom worried about a comfy travel system for your little guy, wearing him everywhere you go cannot be an option as might have to drive yourself to work most of the time, go shopping for groceries and even dropping him off at the crèche

Making a decision on how to move your baby around can be worrisome especially if you are first time mum. You will definitely need a car seat to hold your little one when on a trip, a seat base for balance, getting a pushchair or stroller is indispensable for travelling on foot around the neighborhood and getting a carrycot will enable you move him or her whenever you don’t want to wear her.. Travel systems are readily made to meet your timely need and put a smile on your face.

How does a travel system look like?

Travel systems, are packaged infant set that include an infant car seat, a stroller, and a handy carrycot which can always be detached from the car seat and the stroller when needed.

Getting a travel system might be a bit pricey, but it’s worth a valuable gift given to your pretty little one shortly after birth

What you should take into consideration before choosing your guys car seat

The car seat should take your utmost attention when getting yourbaby’s travel system because it ensures the safety of your newborn in the car. You should go for one that perfectly fits your car and not just any car. It should be noted that the travel system is not a crib for your baby to sleep over the night, because leaving your baby in a seat for a long period of time gives them a flat round mark at the back of their head.There has also been a reported case of an infant who died due to suffocation when left in his car seat over the night to sleep because these seats recline low enough to put your baby to sleep in a short time.

​The infant car seat has a handlethat can make it useful ascarriers for infants. The base of the car seat can be installed properly into your car, and your car seat can easily be fixed and detached anytime, making it easy for you to move your baby from your car to anywhere you’re going on foot while strapped in the same carrier.

The car seat is especially perfect to move sleeping your infants since you can always detach the seat from the base without waking your little one. The car seat also fit perfectly onto the travel system stroller frame needed for easy movement on foot.

Getting the perfect stroller

When choosing your travel system, you should consider your daily routine movement before getting a stroller.families that live up stairs or who take public transport more often will prefer a smart stroller that has less weight, while families who go for picnics or move in a rough road will rather go for strollers with puffy  tires. The strollers have tires which can be turned the other way round, this allows you haveyour little one facewherever you want, either you or the opposite direction.

There are strollers thatcan hold a child up to 50 pounds weight;they have adjustable handles depending on the height of the parent

The Carrycot    

Included inthe Travel system also are carry cots which fits into the stroller the same way the car seat do. Themost important thing about the carry cot is that it should be pleasant enough for your baby and under no circumstance should your baby be able to fall off it. Most carrycots are not designed with straps to hold your baby fixed, so it is advisable for you to wrap them with blankets to prevent accident of any kind. There are carrycots that are reasonable and good enough for your little ones to sleep overnight; it can be used while you’re away from home, either on vacation or while visiting friends and families. Some carrycots are also suitable for use as a Moses basket for your newborn.

What are the advantages of travel systems?

Your baby can be moved from the car into the house without interfering with her sleep.

Since the three set are sold in one, you got a car seat, a carrycot and a stroller at a go

The carrycot can also be used as a crib for your baby whole you are away from home.

You have options of your baby facing you or facing the world while on the stroller.

What are the cons of travel systems?

If you opted for a smaller car seat at first, you might need to replace it with a bigger one once your baby outgrows it, and this could be as early as six months.

Some car seats might not fit perfectly into all of your cars if you have more than one and you decide to change cars at times.

Above all, your baby needs your presence, she needs you to cuddle her,keep her warm and shower kisses on her. Swaddling in a blanket can never replace your warmth or your love, in no time, your pretty little one is already as tall as you are!


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