New-born and young child are very delicate and need a lot of care. You will be at peace if you can be able to monitor your little one vital such as breathing and heart rate during sleep to prevent SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome – unexplained death of a child less than one year of age). Owlet vs Snuza devices are a must have two type of baby monitors that can track your baby vitals and help you stay connected him/her all the time. This health tracking wearable devices are attached to the baby’s clothing, diaper or some body parts to detect the status at all time.

They are made to monitor your little one heart rate, temperature, movement, sleep position and some even alert you when the baby is awake. Owlet vs Snuza baby monitors are significant in detecting the changes in the vitals of your baby and will inform you immediately in case there is an abnormal change. Also, some of the devices come with advanced technology that is integrated into the mobile applications to receive data which you can see on your smartphone. 

In this article, we will discuss in detail the Owlet vs Snuza to help you understand their benefits, pros, and cons including a guide to help you select the best for your baby. Also, offer some top products reviews that will guide in picking the perfect for your baby. 

What is an Owlet? 

Owlet is a wearable device that you can quickly wrap around your baby’s foot to monitor vital signs such as the heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep intervals. It is a reliable device that utilizes the clinically recognized pulse oximetry. It uses different signals with colors to notify you about the progress of the baby’s vitals which has a different meaning. The information obtained by the Owlet is transmitted via Bluetooth to a wireless base that in turn alerts the iOS device. The Owlet can as well warn you in case of abnormal signs through audible and visual alarms. With its rechargeable battery that can last for at least three days, you get convenience you need at ago. It is the perfect device for a child aged one year and below

It is essential to note that Owlet enhances peace of mind and cannot be used to detect, treat or cure a disease or condition. It is not a medical gadget and should not replace your care from the baby. It is only meant to help you know your baby’s wellbeing and your role comes first in taking care of your little one.

How does Owlet work? 

Owlet uses the pulse oximetry to detect the heart rate and the oxygen saturation of the blood. It uses the wireless technology that is similar to the Newborn Intensive Care Units (NICUs). It displays shining light on your baby’s skin to indicate the vitals. It has a low-emission Bluetooth technology to send information. One part of the Owlet (base station) ignites the alert sound to notify the vitals are out of normal range accompanied by a red light. If the vitals are within the normal, green light will always appear at the base station. 

With the app option, you can track your dear one vitals from your phone (iPhone or Android). This makes it easy to keep in touch especially if your baby sleeps in the next room with real-time data transfer. The app does not need internet to operate but a Bluetooth which you can enjoy with a lot of conveniences. 

What is Snuza? 

Snuza is device monitor designed with a capability to alert you as the caregiver when the baby has reduced or stopped breathing or moving. When compared to others, it offers additional features apart from the audio/video making it user-friendly like through easy clipping on the diaper and functioning independently. You can use Snuza for a baby with medical issues, but its primary role is to assist in preventing the SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). 

Snuza has attracted excellent reviews among the caregivers in shopping sites such as Amazon due to its multiple monitoring capabilities of the baby vitals (movement, breathing, and oxygen concentration) 

Owlet Vs Snuza: What You Should Know

The Owlet vs Snuza baby monitors have numerous similarities like helping in reducing caregiver the stress. Other common things include the following:

  • Usefulness

Owlet vs Snuza are extremely helpful in tracking the vitals of your little one when he/she is asleep especially when you do not share the same bed. They can check the movement, breathing and oxygen concentration and send this information on your smartphone through the various application installed. In case the vitals go below, or beyond the normal range, you are alerted by an alarm system so that you can act appropriately. Different monitors will have a different way to inform you especially if they have advanced technology.

  • User friendliness

Both monitors come with the manufacturer instructions to follow and with a straightforward guide to set up. All you need to do is to unpack and start to use right away. The alarm system indicates with different colors to show different meaning and the action to take. Some can be attached on the diaper or other body parts to easily detects the vitals.

Top 4 baby monitors of the Owlet vs Snuza

  1. Snuza Hero (SE) Baby Movement Monitor

Snuza Hero (SE) Baby Movement Monitor

If you want to provide more protection to your little one, consider using the Snuza Hero (SE) Baby Movement Monitor that will keep you connected without missing out on your baby movement. It conveniently clips to the diaper of your baby and can easily track the breathing and movement and allow portability. It works by indicating the ticking sound when the vitals of your baby is normal. If your baby fails breath or move for 15 seconds, it imitates vibrations to cause the baby to respond. If still does not detect anything after vibrating for five seconds then you will be alerted to check the baby. 

Pros  Cons 
  • No cords 
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to carry 
  • Initiates vibrations after 15 seconds 
  • Clear audible alarm after 20 seconds
  • Periodic false alarm 
  • Only useful in a bed 


  1. Snuza Pico Smart Wearable Baby Monitor

Snuza Pico Smart Wearable Baby Monitor

Snuza Pico is a wearable device that is equipped with advanced technology of multi-sensor for children and infants. You will find it easy to clip on the child’s diaper to detect the movements, sleep, skin temperature and sleeping position. It uses Bluetooth to connect to your smart device when placed within the range. It is an essential device for a baby of one year and below as it vibrates to stimulate the abdominal movements of the baby and it alerts by audible sound if the baby does not move for the next 20 seconds. Also, it is significant after one year as it capable of detecting the sleeping of the baby which indicates the status of growth and development of your baby. It makes monitoring easy by using the phone tracking as it sends the information of the vitals to the phone in the real time. Moreover, it saves energy by using the Bluetooth Low energy when transmitting data. 

Pros  Cons 
  • Easily monitors baby’s movement 
  • Tracks baby breathing 
  • Detects the skin temperature
  • Measures the sleeping position 
  • Integrates phone monitoring 
  • Does not support video monitoring 


  1. Snuza Go! Baby Monitor – Monitor your baby vitals perfectly 

Snuza Go! Baby Monitor

If you are planning for a Snuza baby monitor that is pocket-friendly, Snuza Go! Baby Monitor will meet your need and give you peace of mind when the baby is sleep. It is portable, and easy to operate with user-friendly signals. Equipped with an alarm system like other monitors, it delivers more through its size and easy to clip on the diaper. It has been proven to be helpful in tracking the vitals for the babies with medical problems and therefore significant in preventing the Sudden Infant Death. It correctly monitors the breathing and movement of the baby and delivers the result on time by raising the alarm when the vitals go outside the normal range. 

Pros  Cons 
  • Good for infants 
  • Can be used with a baby with medical issues 
  • Good for co-sleeping 
  • Contains few features


  1. Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor – Observe Heart Rate & Oxygen Levels

Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

The Owlet Smart Sock 2 is put around your baby’s foot to do what it does best – monitor the heart rate, oxygen concentration and sleep patterns. The oximetry used by this device makes it unique and useful in tacking the baby vitals. The light and sound are the key indicators that you need to check and take the necessary action. The bottom of the Owlet Smart Sock 2 shows green when vitals are within the normal range. It is connected with the with care app to easily to view and track live information of the baby’s vitals on the phone. 

Pros  Cons 
  • The sock is ideal for babies
  • It is long lasting 
  • Use friendly 
  • Transmits information to the phone 
  • High effective 
  • May cause false alarm if the baby moves a lot during the sleep.

Top Baby monitor buying guide

Are you planning to buy a baby monitor? Owning a baby monitor should make life enjoyable instead of adding constant worry. Baby monitors will help you have a peace of mind if you have a premature baby or if you are anxious. Owlet vs. Snuza baby monitors varies from each other regarding features and cost. You may begin thinking if you need a digital or an analog to enable you to see or hear your baby. In this guide, find some key things you should focus on while shopping for a baby monitor.

  1. Reliability 

To enjoy the services that come with the baby monitor consider selecting the one which is produced by the popular bland. Though having a unique is great identify a monitor that has been tested and proven to be useful for the stated period. Having a monitor that always delivers a reliable result will build confidence in baby monitors. Some companies have a return plan for faulty devices and offer a warranty for a significant time. Having a reliable baby monitor will not only give you peace of mind but also save you money and time. Also, if you to get a device that can connect to your smartphone, choose one that can locally connect even when the internet is down with Bluetooth. 

  1. Safety 

The safety of your little one comes first, and you should ensure that the baby stays in an environment free from anything that might cause injury or worse death. Therefore, as the caregiver consider buying a monitor that is wireless to avoid the risk of strangulation which may lead to severe injury or death. Always follow the safety guidelines that are provided by the manufacturer. Avoid using second-hand devices that you do not know the safety guidelines. Avoid baby monitor coming into contact with the water to prevent accidental shock, and if it has cord it should be out of baby’s reach – should not be less than three feet of the crib.

  1. Size of the baby monitor

Select a monitor that is portable, and you can carry with you around the house. Would you need the monitor that has a separate receiver or one that will integrate with the smart device you already own? The choice is yours to pick the one that is suitable. 

  1. Privacy 

Analog baby monitors are cheap, but many people within the range can listen to the signal. The digital mode encrypts the signals thereby enchanting security in the Audio transmission making it difficult for people to hear any of the communication. Also, to reduce the disruption from other devices, look for the model that has DECT (digital enhanced cordless technology). By ensuring privacy, you also get the security you need as a caregiver. 

  1. Multiple features 

Would you like to select the monitor that you can listen and watch the baby or either? The more the features of the monitor, the costly it gets. If you choose the audio-only, you pay less. Video monitors offer a variety of options which also includes advanced technology. Some monitors are advanced to a point they can even predict the baby sleeping and waking patterns after doing data analysis over sometime. When you consider the features or what the monitor can do think about the cost and your preference, but it advisable to have a monitor that can correctly track your baby’s vitals.  

  1. Remember your home set up and lifestyle 

Select a device that perfectly fits within your home and can be to transmit the signals efficiently from one room to another. Choose a brand that has been tested and proved to work well. If it is possible to check the monitor in the range of the rooms in your house, go ahead and experiment. Ensure it can send the signals well. A monitor that fits within your lifestyle will be helpful and suitable for you. 

  1. Consider the off-sale services

Before you make a purchase remember to check if you can return the monitor just in case it is faulty. Products that have a return policy are better, and some company can exchange the baby monitor. Remember to keep the purchase documents with you including receipts and original packaging. Also, check for a product that has a warranty for easy return if it breakdowns before the end of the warranty period. Some product might need some accessories after use for some time such batteries. Choose a product that you can easily access the different parts without paying a lot of money and are easily accessible. 

  1. Battery indicator 

 A baby monitor with an indicator that alerts you when battery it is almost running out is best since the baby may not communicate to you. It will help you to recharge the battery on time and continue constant monitoring of the baby vitals. 

  1. Loud sound alarm and light 

A monitor that has around sound together with light have a high chance of getting your attention time especially when you are occupied with other activities in the house. A monitor that lights up when your do not respond to sound or increase the volume of sound is more preferred. 

Benefits of Owlet vs Snuza in observing your baby vitals? 

A baby monitor is a significant device for taking care and tracking the daily behavior of your baby. Monitors facilitate you to watch your baby during sleep and check on their vitals. Many parents find the monitors very helpful especially if they are practicing crib-sleeping. With advanced technology, the monitors continue to capture the essential baby information. Monitors are useful in some ways which include the following: 

  • You can have peace of mind as you multitask 

Bringing up a baby takes time, and dedication sometimes can be challenging especially when you have to combine with other responsibilities. Baby monitors allow you to continue with other house chores and still be comfortable everything is in control as the monitor will alert you when the vitals fall below the normal range. For the monitors which are connected to the smartphone with apps, one can stay connected your baby even when they are far especially for the monitors which transmit videos. Watch your baby sleep and get real-time information about the sleeping patterns. As a caregiver, you will not wake up many times to check on your baby unless it is essential. You will also rest while knowing the baby is well and having a sweet sleep. 

  • Get the safety

Safety of the baby comes first as others follow. Enjoy all the time surveillance and tracking of the baby vitals if you use the video baby monitors that use a camera.  See the position of your little one either sleeping or standing. At times the baby might be in a risky position which you can quickly view from another room as you carry out other things. With is an ability to record the baby movements you do not need to keep checking if the baby is breathing. 

  • Keep track of the medical history of your baby 

A baby monitor is essential in showing some of the medical histories of your little one. When you regularly have the vitals monitored you can be able to identify problems that might arise.  Also, you can show your doctor during the appointment when you take your baby for check-ups or even immunization. The information collected by the monitors becomes part of the health for your baby. You could keep the memories of dear one especially if you were using the video monitor which you can share with them when they are grown-ups. 


Owlet vs Snuza baby monitors can provide peace of mind but should not replace the adult supervision. These devices should be used as additional means to increase connection with baby especially when they are asleep, and you are busy doing something else. Their role is essential as they can alert you when the situation is getting serious. Experts do not recommend using a baby monitor to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). 

Choose the baby monitor that is tested and have been proved to work as expected. Talk to your healthcare provider (pediatrician) if you want to monitor your child and especially if he/she has a medical condition. The pediatrician can as well recommend the best device. Always follow the manufacturer guideline for the best results. 

The baby environment should always be safe and free from any item that may cause injuries such as toys or bumpers. Always remember to put the baby to sleep on the back, on a tightly fitting mattress that provides enough space for steady sleeping space. A good sleeping environment should be comfortable with a lot of air circulation. Avoid smoking in the baby’s room and avoid too cold or hot temperature.