Adequate and healthy food is essential for the proper growth and development of your baby. As a parent, you want to ensure that your baby gets the most excellent start for a healthy and productive life.  Breastmilk is considered to be the best food for your baby and is known to be enough for the first six months. Infant formula or cow’s milk can be used to nourish your baby when breastmilk is not available.

There are numerous problems that your little one may experience such as allergic reaction, gas, acid reflux or colic in the course of feeding. As a result, your baby will become uncomfortable giving formula or breastmilk will be difficult. During this period, you will be desperately looking for the alternative formula that you can feed your baby and can as well alleviate the issues.

You should not worry too much because there are special formulas (Nutramigen or ALimentum) that can assist to manage and avoid these problems. Also, they contain all the essential nutrients that your baby needs to achieve each milestone on time without making the stomach upset. These formulas are processed to remove the ingredients that cause problems when fed to the baby.

Therefore, Nutramigen vs Alimentum which is the best for your baby? Whichever the choice you make you need to understand that one formula is not superior to the other. They both have some advantages and disadvantages and picking the perfect is determined by your baby taste, liking, and tolerance. In this article, we will provide all the critical details about Nutramigen vs Alimentum including the frequently asked questions that we found most mothers asking in the parenting forums. We hope all this information will guide you in making a right choice of the formula for your baby. Thus, we encourage you to read through carefully.

Which are the problems that need Nutramigen vs ALimentum?

For new mothers, it can be difficult to understand some of the problems associated with feeding baby since it might be their first encounter. Let ‘s first define some of the common issues that you might hear your doctor mention when your baby is uncomfortable after feeding with breast milk or standard formula.

  • Lactose intolerance

Lactose is a form of sugar that is found in breast milk or standard formula. Lactose requires lactase enzyme to break down so that it can be used in the body. If your baby is unable to produce enough or does not produce any lactase your baby may show symptoms of passing gas, bloats, and cramps that are painful and makes the baby very fussy. Though it is not life-threatening, you may need to relieve the baby from the discomfort by adjusting to special formula.

  • Allergic reaction

Children below three years may experience allergic reactions from the cow’s milk due to their immune system overreacting to specific proteins that are present in the milk. Your little one may show symptoms that you can easily see such as itching, swelling, rashes, hives, or worse difficulty in breathing. Cow’s milk allergy is a serious problem which can make the baby unconscious, and excruciating. When your baby develops milk allergy, it is vital to be put on the special formulas.

Does changing to special formula help?

If your baby is already experiencing some of the problem mentioned above, you should notice a lot of change when you start giving the special formula. Symptoms should reduce significantly, and the discomfort should disappear. Nutramigen vs ALimentum are the formula available in the market that contained hydrolysed proteins and lactose. This means that the nutrient that are associated with the problems are already broken down to the extent that the baby can handle without causing any discomfort. Also, they contain essential nutrients that your little one needs in adequate amounts to support proper growth and development.

A lot of doctors start by recommending the soy-based formulas if your dear one is not allergic to soy. You can go for this option if it is suitable for your baby since it is cheap compared to milk-free formulas. It is crucial to know that the formula will take some few days to work but be cautious to note the improvements daily with your little one symptom and particularly fussiness. For the baby, with an allergic reaction after a week, you should not see rashes and should have attained normal breathing if there was a difficulty.

Nutramigen vs ALimentum: Which is the better option?

Both products are found in the market as Similac Alimentum vs Enfamil Nutramigen. Both formula are slightly different from each other. Thus, what will guide in selecting the perfect for your little one? We have examined cautiously the two formulas including their pros and cons to equip you with enough knowledge to guide you in picking the best for your dear one.

  1. Enfamil NutramigenNutramigen


The Nutramigen is known to be the ideal for a baby with milk allergy. It is a hypoallergenic baby formula that is effective for a baby experiencing gas, colic, acid reflux, stomach pains, lactose intolerance or allergies. It is available into two forms – powder and ready to use bottles that come in different sizes.

  • Why is it special?

Nutramigen or Enfamil Nutramigen is not a daily formula. Therefore, it is made to cater for the babies experiencing problems such as allergies, colic, and gas. The unique contents contain the nutrients present in the breastmilk to promote healthy growth, development and strong immunity for your little one.

  • Key ingredients

This product contains all the nutrients that a baby needs in the right amount. But the essential component is the probiotic LGG – the probiotic that is effective in the prevention and management of the gastrointestinal allergy. Also after sometime intake of Nutramigen helps the baby to tolerate the cows’ milk through promoting the growth of the healthy bacteria that aids in the digestion of food and production of vitamins.

  • Age group

Enfamil Nutramigen is specifically made for the babies aged one and below. At this stage, babies are more vulnerable, and they mostly take a high percentage of milk. After one year your baby will tolerate the milk and other foods. Furthermore, Nutrimigen works amazingly in relieving the pain and discomfort.  Most mothers have reported that the product starts relieving from gas and colic within 48 hours.

  • Nutrient of interest

It is dairy and soy free yet nutritionally sound with all the essential nutrients that meet the recommendary dairy intake for the baby aged one year and below. Also, contains vital nutrients such as DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and ARA (Arachidonic acid) that play an essential role in the development of the brain and eye of the baby. The proteins are already broken down into forms that ready to absorbed without irritating the stomach and intestine.

  • Efficacy

Some specialised formulas take a lot of time to act and show some improvements. According to feedback from mothers nursing babies below one year, Nutramigen delivers the desired results within 48 hours among 90% of the babies. Many parents find it to work well as early as the first feed. According to studies babies who suffer from the cow’s milk allergy are more prone to asthma and eczema. When babies are fed on Nutramigen, there is 70% chance that the baby will be less likely to develop other allergies. Additionally, it helps the baby tolerate intake of cows’ milk without allergic reactions at a later stage.

  • Taste and smell

It is good to know that special formula – Nutramigen is not tastier when compared to the standard formulas or soy formulas. Also, has a strong smell but this should not worry you since the baby may not recognise the difference particular when the formula is introduced early and feed frequent small feedings.

  • Price

Nutramigen is a special formula and is more expensive than standard formula. You can plan to buy in bulk and be on the lookout for when it is discounted to save some money.

  • Pros and cons
Pros Cons
Ø  Free of soy and dairy

Ø  Highly recommended by specialists

Ø  Provides adequate nutrients for infant

Ø  Comes in two forms powder and ready to take

Ø  Contain probiotics and DHA.

 * Expensive

*Can be difficult to change from breastmilk to formula


Proper handling of Nutramigen

Nutramigen should be stored in suitable conditions whereby you should always keep it room temperature. Never freeze the formula or expose to a lot of heat since it may lose the consistency and lose some nutrients. The can should be kept in closed tightly in a cool, dry place. Since the hypoallergenic powder can easily clump up, nursing Mother’s should avoid using the formula dispenser.


  1. Similac Alimentum

 Similac Alimentum



Similac Alimentum or Alimentum  is available in the market as powder and ready to use form. It is a trusted brand which is hypoallergenic and made to cater for the baby with milk allergy together colic that result from the protein sensitivity. It is a pre-digested formula that is friendly to the digestive system of the young babies. According to numerous researches, Alimentum has been shown to reduce the severe symptoms of digestive system within 24 hours related to feeding with cow’s milk or traditional formula.



  • The power of Alimentum

If your baby has colic, allergies, gas or reflux Alimentum is the perfect formula to start giving. It is hypoallergenic and hydrolysed to enable the baby to digest easily without any discomfort. Most paediatricians have recommended it as a start since it been scientifically shown to act fast within 24 hours. Therefore this formula should be the first choice when the baby is crying, and you can not do anything which makes you feel helpless and desperate.


  • Age group and nutrients

The Alimentum is made for the children aged one and below, and after this stage, the baby will be able to take other standard formulas

The Alimentum provides all the essential nutrients that the baby needs including special nutrients for the proper development of the brain and the immune system. Additionally, it is free from artificial growth hormone. You should keep in mind that Alimentum is corn-based formula therefore if your baby is allergic to corn try and avoid it. Babies require high amounts of iron which is adequately contained in this Alimentum formula.

  • Taste and smell

It has a strong taste and smell than the traditional formulas. When you start the baby at an early age, their high chances that the baby will accept. However, the baby may refuse to take in the first instance but be patient and encouraging feeding with small frequent meals. Ready for eating from is friendlier according to mothers who have fed their babies for more than six months.

  • Cost of Alimentum

It cost more than the traditional formulas but its slightly cheaper than the Nutramigen. When selecting the ideal formula one should consider the one that works best with your baby. If you find one does work well, consider switching to the next but be patient.

  • Things to know before using Alimentum

Always get the prescription of the product from a qualified health provider and preferably from dietician or paediatrician. Avoid feeding Alimentum to a baby who has the low immunity or premature. Never use the microwave to heat the formula as it may burn the baby’s mouth and also destroy the heat-sensitive nutrients. The microwave does not evenly heat the milk, and if you heat using the bottle for an extended period, it can burst and cause an accident.

  • Pros and cons

Alimentum formula shares the same advantages and disadvantages as the Nutramigen.

Nutramigen vs ALimentum: which one is superior?

It is difficult to identify the difference between both products because they are almost cost the same. Also, both formula includes special nutrients and iron. They are available online for order and some store which you might not necessarily need a doctor prescription for purchase this special formula.

Some of the things to note are that Nutramigen contains probiotic which is not present in Alimentum. Probiotic are beneficial bacteria that promote the health of the digestive system. As a new mum, it is recommended to start with Nutramigen and switch to Alimentum when it does not work well. Furthermore, the Nutramigen contains higher amounts of DHA essential for healthy growth of the brain and active immunity. Lastly, Nutramigen contains corn which some babies are allergic to while Alimentum is free of corn.

The recommended first selection is Nutramigen, and then you can change to Alimentum if necessary. Always choose the formula that works perfectly with your baby.

Why Nutramigen vs ALimentum hypoallergenic formulas?

If your baby is having painful discomfort related to cow’s milk intake or traditional formula Nutramigen vs ALimentum is the better option to consider. They are rich in all the nutrients needed by the baby even though they are expensive. These special formulas are best-known breastmilk alternative due to the following:

  • They are the next better option after breastmilk.

Breast milk is superior to formula and cows’ milk. Nutramigen vs ALimentum is the next to breastmilk and contain most of the nutrients contained in breast milk with fewer antibodies that enhance mother to pass immunity to the baby. They are widely prescribed when the baby develops colic, allergies, and reflux. Numerous studies have shown that 92 % of the babies with colic consumes the hypoallergenic formulas and the progress is remarkable.

  • Healthy for the baby gut and is easily broken down

Nutramigen vs ALimentum are pre-digested, and the baby can handle the hydrolysed lactose and the protein present without causing any discomfort and pain. They incorporate healthy bacteria that promote healthy gut that also enable the baby to be more tolerant to other types of allergies such as eczema.


Nutramigen vs Alimentum frequently asked questions

Based on research from several forums, 98% of nursing mums asked the following questions which we have provided the best answers for your reference, but it is crucial you rely on your doctor for individualised care of your baby.

  1. Is it okay to mix special formulas with traditional formulas?
  2. If your baby has already developed some discomfort with the standard formula by mixing it with hypoallergenic formulas will not bring change as the ingredients causing pain are still present. If you paediatrician recommends special formula use it without mixing other traditional formulas. For the best results give it alone.
  3. is it healthy to give formula to the baby?
  4. Breast milk is considered as the best for the baby since it contains all the needed nutrients by the baby for the first six months. You can continue giving breastmilk until two years which marks a thousand days that are critical for the baby health. However, at times it is impossible to provide breast milk due to problems, and one may be forced to switch to traditional or special formulas. The formula is the second-best option for the baby not taking breast milk as they can almost contribute to what the baby needs.
  5. How do you know if the formula is working?
  6. Both the Nutramigen vs Alimentum will show the improvement in symptoms within 48 hours after the beginning of the feedings. There should be a dramatic decrease in the signs of the problem such as gas and colic. However, if you have fed the formula a couple of days and have not seen any change, the hypoallergenic formula may not be able to alleviate the symptoms, and you might consider switching to another one.
  7. What to do when your baby needs special formula?
  8. It is essential when your baby develop a problem such as colic or reflux you make an appointment and visit the paediatrician. Perhaps the baby may be suffering from other issues which you may associate with the feeding. The doctor will be able to make a correct diagnosis of the baby problem. Also, the baby may need additional medication which the paediatrician may prescribe for your baby.

Other important information should know

You are the best caregiver for your baby, and your paediatrician may recommend numerous things that need to be done. That is why you need to try a couple of hypoallergenic formula to get the best that works well with your baby. Remember to always check for any signs of discomfort that your baby may display and seek assistance if you can’t handle it. Note that it can take up to a week for some formula to show some improvements. Therefore, put the baby on formula for at least week to conclude it’s not working.

Availability of the special formula

These products are well known and can be purchased from local stores and pharmacies. Also, you can buy the products online on Amazon where you can get it at a discounted price. Also, you can get save time and convenience mainly when your baby is sick when you request for delivery to your doorstep form


Based on this information we have provided in this article, we hope you can now able to identify the perfect formula for your baby. First, seek the guidance of your paediatrician before deciding if Nutramigen vs Alimentum is ideal as a hypoallergenic formula for your little one. 95% of the doctors do not prefer the formula as both have the same purpose. When the baby shows the signs that are stated above and is not allergic to the corn, Nutramigen formula is the suitable to start feeding since it provides a higher quantity of the DHA and probiotic than the Alimentum. To select the best option – Nutramigen vs Alimentum, it will entirely depend on the baby’s sensitivity and intolerance. Furthermore, the baby preference and taste also can guide you in identifying the ideal formula. Remember always to consult your doctor for individualized information related to your little one.