Are you looking to buy a baby swing/bouncer and unsure Mamaroo vs. Graco Glider which is most suitable for your needs? We have extensively discussed these two baby slide and bouncing systems in this article to make it easy for you to figure out what is best for you and your child. Don’t go away, stick around while we quickly work you through all you need to know about these two baby seat and swing systems. Now, let's go!


4moms MamaRoo

Graco DreamGlider

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The 4moms mamaRoo baby seat and swing system is an innovative baby product with rebounding, and swaying movements that mimic the standard movements parents make when soothing their babies.  You can choose from five different movement patterns including tree sway motion, and car rides move. Parents can also select from five different speed levels. There are four inbuilt sounds modes you can choose. Alternatively, you can link it up to an MP3 player. The Bluetooth functionality makes it easy for you to control the movement, speed, and sound from your smartphones including IoS and Android devices remotely. The seat is adjustable and allows you to recline it to different positions to lay your baby down or serve as a seat. The visual projection mobile toy integrates engaging toy balls with crinkling sound, rattling noise or an insightful mirror ball.

What We like about the product

This   4Moms MammaRoo bouncer comes in an impressive and appealing design with smooth movements but not suitable for some babies. It is comparatively compact, but the base is heavy to lift. The swing lets you have some minutes break while your child comfortably snoozes away.

It is a fantastic innovation much more than a typical baby bouncer or baby swing. The design mimics parents natural movements that soothe a child and sends him or her snoozing away. It features five independent movement modes that emulate a few standard motions you use for your little ones like the car ride-sway and a sideways swing, similar to the usual baby-rocking sway.  Besides, it comes with some movements like a kangaroo hop and a horizontal up-and-over movement mode.

The  MamaRoo is essentially a modifiable seat that rocks a child with different movement patterns at different tempos. You can use it as a seat to help your baby learning to sit in a balanced position or recline it to lie your newborn down. The chair features a comfortable and soft, luxurious machine washable fabric.

The product comes with a clear installation guide that makes setup easy and less of a hassle.  You can easily fit the different parts together and disassemble them when necessary. It will take you roughly ten minutes to set it up and connect it through bluetooth to your phone.                  

The integrated android and ios apps let you choose the motion pattern and speed rate. There is also an option that enables you to control the sound effects and level all from the app. However, to link up a piece of music on your mobile with the device, you need to use the backup cord. MamaRoo as well comes with a suspended mobile, speakers, and a sound system meant to sooth the baby.  Mamaroo gives you a supplementary arm to rock your baby to sleep.

What we dislike about the product

Despite its cleverly and properly-designed base, we are disappointed with its extra features. If you are looking to rock your child to the dreamland, while at the same time having a visual that engages him together with a  sound system that calms him, you may be disappointed. Aside from the fundamentals, these extras are less performing.

The suspended mobile can be a smart addition to your baby seat, but unfortunately, it is cheaply made and just a fundamental and includes only three hanging balls with varied designs and colors. Besides, you need to spin it manually. The idea is excellent, but since it doesn’t rotate automatically, a child easily gets bored watching it.

The sound system is also all over the place. It is difficult to tell the ambient sound you are choosing. All the different options of music are like somewhat mixed patterns of white noise. The speaker is also low volume and comes with a weak sound system.

The Setup

The MamaRoo is easy to set up. It barely takes up to five minutes to do so. You can find a useful easy to follow installation guide which also tells how you can take it apart for butting away for storage. The MammaRoo is truly well-thought out.

The design which tries to replicate the motion parents make to soothe their fussy is absolutely a fascinating stuff. However, it comes in a very high price tag but can make a  great buy if your baby feels comfortable in it as some babies don’t.

The usage  and user-friendliness

No doubt, the MammaRoo is entirely a first-class baby swing. The controls come in a simple and easy to use design but with a sense of first-class quality.  It features a digital display which when lit up displays the present swing mode and the motion intensity. It comes with two large convenient buttons which you can control with your feet.

The dangling toy bar with a colorful design of toys is an excellent source of engagement for kids.

The state-of-the-art seat specifications

While swinging the MammaRoo is generally fascinating. The system is very remarkable and gives a feel of a seat build onto a liquid plastic moving high and down from the primary support. It is highly impressive although it is a little conflicting with the standard room’s look.

Besides, it comes with a lot of inbuilt sounds and some settings of white sounds.  The wire jack lets you connect an iPod or MP3 player, a handy and smart option to have, really. However, the MP3 player doesn’t work well because the volume is ridiculously low and gets swallowed up by the operating sounds.

How long will MammaRoo last for a baby 

Your baby would typically use the swing from birth till the age of  6 months or when he or she attains a maximum weight of about 25Ibs.   This time is a realistic duration which is well worth and expected given the expense.  You can alson choose from variable color options.

What about comfort?

It is comfortable and versatile. The rocking effect relaxes the baby, and with beautiful, engaging features, it could be great a lifesaver for fussy kids or busy parents.

Light up the face of your child and see him or her beem with smiles when placed on this baby swing. It can give you some break and time to perform domestic chores liking washing clothes and vacuum cleaning, which I can be hard without it.

The ‘Tree Swing’ mode, which is somewhat like a standard sideways swaying movement is invaluable. Also, with the clever seat modification, you could recline it back to give your room to sleep for a very long time.

Comparing the mamaroo swing modes  to real-life mum’s swing

Notwithstanding its great functionality, it cannot accurately replicate a real mum’s swing. The intensity regulation can soot the baby but only occasionally and not always.

The movements are relatively slow in comparison to natural parent movements. Also, it doesn’t come with ‘jigging’ opportunity.  Despite its smart and well-thought-out design, you can never equate the performance with the natural mum swing.

Cleaning and Maintenance

You can quickly clean the base off the Mamaroo.  Also, the comfy cloth material is soothing, and you can quickly zip it off and given a cold cycle wash.

Portability around the home 

You cannot quickly move the swing round. It’s relatively bulky, and the footprint is unavoidably large to make it very stable. Besides, it comes with a power cord you can plug which although it is a useful feature, makes moving it around difficult. It has no battery option. However, irrespective of the limited mobility option, it easily packs up for easy storage because of the smart design.


  • Ultramodern visual appeal
  • Ingenious design and persuasive swing modes
  • Small footprint  and realistically movable round the house
  • Multiple movement settings
  • Fantastic functionality
  • User-friendly: It is easy to setup and dissemble
  • Fantastic remote app control feature for swing mode and speed.
  • Sothing and comforting to baby
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Flexibility-: it serves as a seat and also reclines for the baby to lie down
  • Eay to wash fabric
  • It can be used from birth
  • Durable seat


  • Low volume on an MP3 player
  • Bouncer makes noise at high intensity
  • A bit bulky to round the house
  • Poor and low-quality speakers
  • Plain features of the mobile toy
  • Worthless ambient sounds
  • Bad  customer service
  • Pricey for the function

Should you go for Mamaroo?

The Mamaroo speaker and visual device perform less than expected. And if you want something visually engaging for the child with a good sound system, you’d better look elsewhere.  You don’t want to waste your money only to dump the system somewhere in your home.

However, this rocker could be a good buy if you find it difficult to purchase a suitable seat or bassinet for your baby. In such a case, you’ll be thankful to 4moms  for  MamaRoo as it will definitely make it more convient and easy for you to manage those early days.  In situations like this, it is sure to perform beyond your expectations. 

Nevertheless, it is costly placed side by side other baby swings including the Graco glider. Mamaroo offers much more features than you’d obtain in a standard baby rocker, though.  It is a bit of experimentation, here.

If it turns out that your baby dislikes the rocker, it may be a sheer waste of money given the high cost. You may reduce cost by looking for a good fairly-used option but the extra features and function, honestly do n’t justify the cost.

The quality doesn’ t match up with the price. The buttons continuously stick down. The display plays up, turns blank and regularly turns off in aproximately ten minutes of usage. Besides, when you want to switch to different swing modes, the swing jerks upwards, downwards and then side ways.

The Bottom Line 

The Mamaroo baby bouncers are, definitely, futuristic and ahead of the time in the world of the baby swing industry. Its design routinely sooths a child with a mixture of five remarkable swing modes. Besides, it lets you play music or standard sound systems by linking it up with MP3 player. It is an intelligent and well-thought-out design and comes with a striking and attractive look.

It has a few issues that make it less than perfect especially with the high cost. Those would have been neglected if it was a lttle more affordable. With regards to fulling all the basic needs, it is spot on. Where it misses it out is on the extra features. The quality of the extras needs some tweaking.

No doubt, the MamaRoo is a costly addition to your baby essential gears. Also, it is not suitable for every child or parent.  However, if you are looking for a solution for a baby that coos and could hardly sleep without a lot of wooing, the mamaroo serves as an alternative mum’s arm which you’ll highly appreciate.

Because of all the expenses that you need to cover when you have a newborn, it's an expensive experiment. However, depending on your baby and his or her needs, it could be well worth it.  It, basically, serves a seat connected with a Bluetooth designed to mimic the rocking movements parents make to calm their child down for sleep.

It works great for some kids but not so well with others. Whether you should go for it really depends on the suitability for your child's needs and also your budget. Apart from the extra features that need improvements, it functions very well.

Overall, the MamaRoo have some faults due to some technical issues that affect its functionality. Notably, the mobile app is only basic while the speaker produces rather awful sounds. Despite these issues, the product is still apealing. It is better to test it out with your child and ensure that he’d be happy with it before spending on it except the cost is not an issue for you.

Whether you buy it or not depends on your final decision. But be aware that some kids dislike the system and if your child turns out to be one, you’d have wasted that investment. Besides, You only use it for a few months before your child outgrows it. Mamaroo may not worth the money if your baby dislikes it!

The Graco glider is a 2-in-one swing seat and bed for sleep which makes it easy for you to swiftly adjust the setting to suit the needs of your child. It comes in a user-friendly single hand reclining lever which lets you change the mode without causing any disturbance to your child.  IT comes with plugin and battery option for convenience.

The seats are comfortable, although not as much as that of the Mamaroo. It comes with a three-point harness system to ensure that your child is safe The movable toy bar is fantastic for stimulating a child's imagination although it is cheaply made.

The usage 

The Graco glider baby swing seat can easily be reclined to give your baby enough room and comfy environment for sleep with a single movement of the hand.  The better part of it is you can do it without disturbing your baby or moving him or her out of the swing. The DreamGlider makes use of similar gentle movement of a nursery glider to calm the baby.

Besides, it comes with two vibrating speed system and six different swing tempos. Your baby gets easily pacified with the standard tunes and natural sounds. It combines a plug system with a battery system. When the battery is dead, or no battery is inserted into the system, the swing will not function.

If the speeds are very low, then check the batteries aren’t in a backward position —  “+” and “-.” When the battery terminals corrode, either revolve the location of the cells against terminals or wipe the rust off with sandpaper. For severe rust, make use of steel wool. If the baby leans too far-off in a forward position or starts to grab the legs of the swing, stop use. Also, discontinue use if the baby is excessively heavy or very active.

What we like about Graco DreamGlider Swing 

The glider swing reclines completely to sooth fussier babies. The bed and swing combo are lovely. We are happy that it can serve as a bassinet we can keep close to our bed to rock and calm the baby down. The rocking motion is fantastic and works great for a fussy child.  The seat also works fine when the baby is awake. The lowest speed of swing is more suitable for a newborn, but you can adjust it when your baby gets older.

Apart from that when not in the swing mode, you can recline it to make your baby sleep. It comes with fast action. Also, you get to save a fortune on battery cost with the plugin option. Despite the price, the ability to get your baby easily off to the dreamland makes it well worth the expenses.

Swift movements

One of the things that make Graco glider a fantastic option is the speed of the swing. Fast and jiggling motions are great for soothing fussy babies, and Graco glider precisely offers that. Apart from that, it is safe. The six choices of swinging speeds help you to slowly reduce the speed as you gradually wean him or her off the swing.

Multiple vibration settings

The various vibration settings improve its ability to calm a child down.

For how long will it serve a baby?

You child would commonly be okay to use the glider till he or she attains a maximum weight of 30-pounds. Majorities of standard baby swings only accommodate a maximum of twenty pounds weight. The extra weight means you can use it longer than a conventional baby swing.

Sound system

It comes with some lullabies and natural sounds. These can be work okay with some children but, less functional than a white noise when you want to calm a fussy child.


It can be reclined to serve as a bassinet, but there is also an option to tilt the position when your child experiences acid reflux. It may be worth seeking out your doctor's advice.

What I don't like about the dream glider:

Despite the small size, it occupies a lot of space in the house. A baby can quickly outgrow it within a few months of use. Also, the facts that it doesn’t easily fold up or come apart for storage makes transportation and portability a bit cumbersome.  As a bassinet, it lacks storage base. It is not as comfortable as the fabric of the Mamaroo. For comfort, the Mamaroo is undoubtedly the winner. Also, it doesn’t recline entirely while the Mamaroo does.  Again, the glider is raised a bit by the sides of the head which works well as a swing but less ideal for a bed.  In spite of these flaws, the cost is also a huge concern although it is cheaper than the Mamaroo.


  • Great dream bed for putting a child away to sleep at night
  • Fantastic  gliding and vibrating movement that’s soothing to the baby
  • Plugging into the mains saves you turn on battery cost
  • The swing/rocking movements easily make the baby to sleep
  • The vibrating seat performs admirably as well
  • Can be used from birth
  • Great gliding movement
  • Ensures a peaceful, calm and relaxed baby
  • Tolerable music
  • Fantastic combination of different sounds & classical pieces of music
  • It is easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble


  • Only suitable for Infants  and small-sized
  • Bad sounding music
  • Great value for the price
  • Large size for transporting inside and outside rooms
  • Adjusting the swing to the frame makes a loud clicking noise which occasionally awakens the baby
  • Cheap mobile toy system that doesn’t turn
  • Clicks sometimes especially at high speeds
  • The glider is not totally reclinable
  • The infant insert is not detachable, and a baby can quickly grow out of it


If you are looking for an alternative hand to cuddle your baby to sleep while you take some break, this Graco glider 2-in-one swing and bassinet system make a brilliant option. It is a good value for the price. You’ll absolutely love the functionality. You can choose to recline it flat to lie your baby down or raise it to let him or her sit up. With the pleasant in-built sound and music, calming a fussy child down could not be more comfortable. The bird sound is fantastic. This glider is soothing to most babies much more than the Mamaroo.

Despite the unique features of Mamaroo, it doesn’t seem to sooth most babies as much as the Graco glider. With a glider, you get the exact functionality that it is meant for although with minor flaws. The baby is more easily put to sleep with the swinging movement more than any of the Mamaroos motions of the Mamaroo. Although it is not entirely reclinable, it still does an excellent job in so far as you take care that your baby doesn’t develop a flat spot.

However, the swing is not sufficiently flexible and soft for a baby to sleep without inserting a mattress. It can comfortably sit beside your bed which makes mid-night time feeding handy.


Assembling the glider is easy, although it takes a bit longer time to do than the Mamaroo. The glider is versatile. It serves as a bassinet and also a glider at the same time. The fabric cover is easy to wash and doesn’t warp. It exudes a sturdy and durable feel.

The glider comes with high performance and works well at putting the baby to sleep very quickly. You have multiple speed settings for the swing. Besides, it comes with a nice collection of in-built sounds, and although it has six different rocking speeds, you can set it rocking only in a single direction.

Should you buy Graco glider? 

You’ll love this glider if your child finds it difficult to fall asleep without being carried and wooed. It serves conveniently as a glider and a bassinet. Besides, the straps help you to secure the baby to prevent roll off. 

You also have the option that enables you to set it in a slightly inclined mode to avoid reflux. It comes with really robust rocking, gliding and vibrating movements that sooth a child and send him/her sleeping within minutes.

Although the music is okay, the sound is not that of standard lullabies, and the songs are not properly coordinated. Also, it occupies a lot of space and is a bit heavy to move around the home, but this will probably not be a problem if you have a nursery or area dedicated for your child’s play.

Wrap Up

Both Mamaroo and Graco glider is an excellent baby bouncer/glider. Mamaroo design comes with high tech designs which are incredibly fantastic if they worked well. The essential features of Mamaroo come with an incredible performance. However, the bouncer system is not well-tolerated by babies. The Graco glider comes in more conventional designs and features which work better at soothing most babies and getting them asleep quicker.  Mamaroo does the same, but it is not suitable for all babies. So, whether you go for Mamaroo bouncer or Graco glider depends very much on your child’s preference.

Given the fact that most of the extra features of Mamaroo currently malfunctions, the additional features don’t justify the high price. In our opinion, the Graco glider is the overall winner because of the ease with which it gets most babies to sleep. It is up to you which option you choose. You now have detailed information that will help you make an informed choice at your fingerprint. Let’s know how you get on and what your Mamaroo vs Graco glider preference is. Don’t hesitate to share your experience!