Jumperoo Vs Exersaucer: 10 Best Product Reviews for Kids in 2021

Jumperoo Vs Exersaucer | Differences between jumperoo and exersaucer

Every parent wants only the best for their little ones. The manufacturers enabled us to choose between a broad range of products that are not only fun for our babies, but they also come with developmental benefits. Jumperoos and exersaucers are among the most appreciated baby toys out there, but the question remains jumperoo vs exersaucer – which one is better?

Most parents don’t know how to answer the “jumperoo vs exersaucer” question. Many of them asked for advice around the web, which motivated me to write an article that will cover everything that you need to know about these products. Keep reading and you’ll discover in-depth details about both items, as well as the differences between jumperoo and exersaucer. You will also have the chance to take a look at 10 best products for your baby in these two categories.

But let’s start from the beginning and learn more about these developmental baby toys.


A jumperoo is actually a type of a baby jumper, which is a seat attached to elastic straps. Unlike regular jumpers, jumperoos don’t require the straps to be attached to a doorway. That means they are pretty easy to assemble and there is no danger of collapsing. You place your baby in the suspended seat of the product and he/she can safely bounce off the floor.

Jumperoos don’t help your baby learn how to walk, but they are perfect for adding variety to the baby’s daily routine. If your infant can hold its little head without assistance, he is old enough to use the jumper. Aside from the seat, jumperoo’s also contain sophisticated toys, music and sounds to make your baby’s time spent in the chair more fun.

That should cover the basics about jumpers, but we can’t decide exersaucer or jumperoo if we don’t find out a bit more about the other product, too. Let's get some ideas on jumperoo vs exersaucer.  

Buying an exersaucer for your infant is another safer alternative to using a baby walker. It has a lot of similarities to jumperoo, considering that it is also a baby jumper. Exersaucer puts your baby in a standing position, allowing it to move the product’s base around and bounce up and down.

This YouTube video shows how the two products work.

BabyCenter’s community also discussed the exersaucer vs jumperoo topic and, according to the parents, the main difference between jumperoo and exersaucer is that it is a bit easier for infants to jump in a jumperoo. On the other hand, some moms argue that toys that come with an exersaucer are much more attractive for babies.

Both product types certainly come with some precious benefits for your baby’s development, so let’s check them out in the next section.

Exersaucer Jumperoo Benefits

Infants can do more than just eat and sleep all day. Entertainment and stimulation of your baby are important for its development. Regardless of which side are you on in the jumperoo vs exersaucer discussion, your baby will benefit from both products.

· It will develop your baby’s muscles. Although it won’t help your infant to learn how to walk, jumping will strengthen its leg muscles. The baby will also get familiar with its lower half staying upright, which also helps develop neck muscles.

· It provides your baby an option for physical exercise. Learning motor skills is an important part of every baby’s development. Using an exersaucer or jumperoo enables just that. As babies grow, lack of physical activity might make them fussy or nervous. Physical exercise is a great way to wear them out so they can get a good night’s sleep.

· It also provides a mental stimulation. Aside from offering the opportunity for physical activity, exersaucer jumperoo products also provide stimulation for your baby’s mind. Toys, lights, sounds and music that come with different models help you baby develop its visual, tactile and aural senses.

· It gives you an opportunity to take a break. We all love the fact that we are parents, but that doesn’t change that it is a 24/7 job. Placing a baby in a jumperoo vs exersaucer will relieve you of the physical strain needed to play with your baby. Having at least a couple of minutes to make a break during a day will decrease the physical demands of playing with your infant. This, of course, doesn’t mean that your infant can play in the jumper without supervision. Make sure not to let your baby out of your sight.

What You Should Consider When Making a Decision - Jumperoo Vs Exersaucer

The first thing to consider is definitely the baby’s physical developmental stage. Jumpers are perfect for babies that are able to hold their heads without any assistance but haven’t started walking yet. This usually happens when babies are around 4 or 5 months old.

Another thing to keep in mind is the baby’s height and weight. The general rule is that babies up to 32 inches in height and 25 pounds in weight can safely use the product. If the baby is too small, it might slip out or have trouble reaching the floor. If it is too heavy, it may damage or break the jumper.

If any of your friends have an exersaucer or jumperoo, it may be a good idea to ask them if your baby can test it. This will allow you to see if your baby likes the jumper. Most infants are thrilled with the idea to stay in an upright position while playing with various engaging toys, but you still might want to be on the safe side.

Jumpers are a much safer alternative to walkers and most babies feel comfortable in them. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises that babies shouldn’t use the jumpers for more than 20 minutes per day, in two 10-minute per session intervals (http://howtoadult.com/should-baby-use-exersaucer-5527737.html). Limiting the time your baby spends in the chair keeps them interested in the product for a longer time.

Jumperoo Vs Exersaucer: 10 best product review for kids in 2018

1 Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in the Amazon – The Exersaucer You Will Use for Years

What I like about the hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel bed is how it's perfect to bring just about anywhere. It's a compact air bed that you can easily set up with the electric turbo pump that's a part of the package. It also includes a large travel bag to make it even easier to travel with!

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple

The product grows with your child and offers 11 different toys, music and sounds to help your baby with its motor skills, tactile development, object exploration and more. The exersaucer perfectly resembles an Amazon forest with different animals including monkeys, birds, and chameleons.

The product might be a bit tricky to assemble, but this will guide you through the process. The exersaucer is very easy to fold and carry, making it perfect for traveling.

YouTube video

Although it might be a bit tricky to assemble, it’s very easy to fold and carry, making it perfect for traveling. The infant can pull off certain pieces of the product, such as the birds, so make sure to always keep your baby in sight.


  • 11 different activities that focus on developing your baby’s various skills
  • Can be converted to activity center and table, so your child can use it longer
  • Easy to fold
  • Perfect for traveling


  • A bit tricky to assemble for the first time
  • Babies can pull off some toys


The next in line of our exersaucer jumperoo products to review is the Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Jumperoo. This is another one in the line of this company’s products that shows they know keeping the baby’s interest is a priority.

Discover 'n Grow Jumperoo

Each infant’s jump will be awarded with a combination of lights and music. You might need to offer a little help to start the action and encourage your baby to engage with a whole lot of different colorful toys, including a spinning penguin, a piano to play, a mirror and a roller ball.

Parent will be glad to hear that the seat and the toys are detachable and machine-washable. On the downside, there were stability issues reported if your little one jumps too hard while in the chair.


  • nullA combination of lights, music ,and sounds for every jump
  • Various colorful toys,including a piano to play , a spinning penguin and a roller ball
  • Machine-washable detachable seat and toys


  • Stability issues if your little one jumps too hard


Let’s cut to the chase and say that the biggest advantage of this product is its price. So, if you are not looking for best jumperoo vs exersaucer, but the most affordable one, this is it. The item does offer great value for money, considering that your baby can rock, spin or bounce while playing with different toys.

Evenflo Exersaucer Bounce & Learn

By playing in the Bounce & Learn, Zoo Friends eeckxersaucer by Evenflo, your child will work on its motor skills, hand-eye coordination, tactile development and other important skills. It will also strengthen neck, leg and back muscles while safely bouncing in the chair. In short, the item is all you can expect from a jumper.

The downside of the product are some safety issues with toys. The monkey bar is inconveniently placed above your baby’s head while the bear toy can sling back and hit the infant. Some users also complain that the plastic creaks loudly and that the item is extremely noisy.


  • Affordable price
  • Great value for money
  • Rock, spin and bounce actions


  • Some safety issues as your baby can bump into certain toys
  • Pretty noisy


The next item in our jumperoo vs exersaucer review is the Evenflo Exersaucer Jump and Learn Stationary Jumper. The toys and activities it provides were developed with the help of the Child Development Institute. As a result, the product offers plenty of different things that your baby can use to develop its motor skills and strengthen its muscles.

Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper

A broad range of lights and sounds also secure that your little one will have a lot of fun using the item. Adjustable positioning of the height allows babies of up to 30 inches to use this jumper. The exersaucer provides a safe environment for your child along with a soft landing pad to promote stability.

On the other hand, the product is a bit big in size, which makes it hard to move around and store. Some parents also complained that the product isn’t as bouncy as it should be.


  • More than 25 activities that contribute to baby’s development
  • Fun lights and sounds across 3 music genres
  • Height can be adjusted to 3 different positions
  • Soft landing pad promotes stability


  • The size makes it hard to move the item around and store it
  • Lack of bounciness



The reason why we chose this as the number one product in our jumperoo vs exersaucer review are, in fact, the great reviews this product has on Amazon. In fact, Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is a best-seller in the category of baby activity centers.


The product is great for the babies as there is a lot of fun everywhere they look. And considering the seat offers a 360-degree rotation, every move of your baby brings a reward in a different combination of lights, music, and sounds. The toys include a monkey on a vine, a bobbling elephant, a tiger that plays hide and seek and many others.

The item is also great for the parents. It is fairly light, so it is easy to move around and store. The seat is easily washable, making the whole jumperoo easy to clean. You can also adjust the height, securing that the product grows with your child.

One of the rare downsides is that the spin motion is a bit difficult for the baby and the item offers no hooks for additional toys.

Here is another review of the product by the

Channel Mum on YouTube


  • The most popular product on the market
  • A broad range of various toys, including an elephant, monkey and a tiger
  • Adjustable height
  • Easy to clean, move around and store


  • Seat rotation is a bit stiff


As soon as you take a look at the item, you realize that it is perfect for little girls. The combination of colors and interactive toys offer a variety of visual, sound and touch stimulations for your baby. The toys include a cake stacker, ribbons, a flower and a mirror, which perfectly suits into a girl theme.


None of the toys require battery power, so your baby can play with them as long as she wants. The seat offers 360 rotation, securing that your baby can spin, rock or bounce around safely. The seat is machine-washable, making the product easy to clean.

As some other similar models, this Bounce and Learn exersaucer is also quite a bit noisy. Parents also direct their complaints to the quality of the seat, cautioning that it is simply thin fabric with no cushion in the place where your baby rests her tummy against the lining.


  • A theme customized for baby girls
  • Beautiful combination of colors and interactive toys
  • Toys don’t require battery power


  • Average seat quality
  • Pretty noisy


Farm animals are the theme of this Jumperoo that offers your infant two ways to play and a lot of laughing and learning options. Six different toy stations plus two overhead toys allow baby to activate lights and music in the Musical Fun mode. Aside from general motor skills and strengthening its muscles, your baby will also be able to identify and connect animals and their sounds.


Parents can also activate 10 minutes of music, including famous melodies such as Mary Had a Little Lamb and Farmer in the Dell. Safety and stability are encouraged by the durable frame, and the height of the seat is adjustable.

Although there is a broad range of toys, some of them such as pig and cow, don’t do anything noticeable. Also, the position of the light up bar above the baby’s head could be at a better angle.


  • Durable frame enhances stability and safety
  • Extremely educational
  • Five famous melodies, including Mary Had a Little Lamb


  • Some of the toys don’t do anything
  • The baby can’t easily notice the light up bar above its head


The convenience is without a doubt the biggest advantage of this item. If you are living in a smaller house or you are looking for something that doesn’t take up much space, Woodland Friends SpaceSaver Jumperoo is perfect. Once your baby finishes playing, you can easily fold the item flat and store it wherever you want.


However, the jumper doesn’t offer as many opportunities for your baby as other items in our jumperoo vs exersaucer review. The seat doesn’t offer 360-degree rotation. Instead, all the toys are located in front of your baby. On the plus side, it is a carefully selected range of toys, including a rainbow key piano that lights up, a clacker ring bar that slides back and forth and a froggy teether to chew.


  • Doesn’t take much space
  • Fold-flat feature for easy storage and transport
  • Carefully selected range of toys


  • The seat doesn’t rotate around
  • Could have more toys


There are some similarities in all execauser jumperoo products and the Go Wild model from Fisher Price is no different. The combination of lights, colors, and sounds will award each baby’s bounce. There is a broad range of toy stations and overhead toys, including flip book, butterfly roller ball, fruit shape sorters and a lion clicker.


What sets the Go Wild Jumperoo from the competition is the Early Learning mode. When parents activate this mode, music, lights, and sounds will play continuously for 20 minutes. It’s a perfect way of introducing your baby to animal sounds and colors.

Safety comes first, and the sturdy steel frame of the product guarantees that for your child. The downside is that it makes the product hard to store and move around, so you will need a chunk of space for this jumper.


  • A bunch of toy stations and overhead toys
  • Early Learning mode plays music, lights and sounds continuously for 20 minutes
  • Sturdy steel frame for enhanced stability


  • Hard to store and move around


If you still haven’t decided on an exersaucer or jumperoo baby activity center, consider Bumbly Double Fun Saucer by Evenflo. Just like their triple fun exersaucer, this item grows with the baby. At first, it can be used as a playtime floor mat to enjoy tummy time. When the baby reaches the required level of development, it transforms into an exersauser.


Rocking, spinning and bouncing all provide loads of fun for your baby. More than 20 activities, different lights, sounds, and various brightly-colored toys are there to keep the item interesting for months. Aside from improving its motor skills and strengthening its muscles, your infant will also raise its own self-awareness by looking at the mirror. As with similar products, you can adjust the height to 3 different positions.

Convertible products often have issues with fulfilling both roles equally good. Double Fun Saucer fulfills and exceeds expectations, while the only drawback might be that the detachable toy bar gets pretty wobbly when used in the exersaucer.


  • Can convert to a playtime floor mat
  • More than 20 activities for your baby


  • Detachable toy bar is wobbly when used in the exersaucer

Final Verdict

The best answer to give in answering the “jumperoo vs exersaucer” question is that there’s no clear winner. We can safely say that you can’t go wrong whichever you choose.

There is a broad range of products in both categories, so in the end, it all comes down to your needs. If you are on a budget, you will choose the most affordable option that your kid will still love despite the fact it doesn’t have all those additional features. On the other hand, for a bit more money you can choose a jumper that grows with your child and has many extra toys.