The Best Easel for Kids: 7 Awesome Ones to Ignite their Creative Side

Easels for Kids

If you’re looking for an ideal gift your child will enjoy, then I recommend getting the best easel for kids! Not only will it be a fun and enjoyable toy for them, but it also teaches them a lot of creative skills and the like. A simple purchase, it will give them the opportunity to bring out their passion.

However, there are different kinds of easels, which can be a bit confusing. Which one is best for your little one?

That is why I did there search to help you out. So read on as I show you the seven best easels for kids and what they can get out of these wonderful products.


The 7 Best Easel for Kids

Based on my research, tests, and overall customer reviews, these are the seven best easels to get for your child:


  1. The Multifunctional and Durable: Little Partners Deluxe Art Easel

What I love most about the Little Partners Deluxe Art Easel is that it’s made of the quality materials! It’s built to last and I can definitely see how strong it is, as it’s made of the robust wood that won’t splinter or get damaged easily.

Assembly was quick and easy, and we were all able to use it immediately. All you needed to do was to hang paper on the rolling pin on top of the easel, or even use it as a dry-erase board or chalkboard, whichever your child will want to use for the day!

Your child will be able to use markers, crayons, paint, or whatever form of material they prefer to express and release their creative side.

I also appreciate the fact that it comes with storage shelves and fabric bins so all the art supplies are in one area and I don’t have to worry about it getting lost or messed up in the room.

I haven’t had any issues with it whatsoever. Though I do wish the screws were stronger, everything else is amazing and I believe it can last for a few years. Definitely, an amazing investment that’s on the top of my list of best easels!


  • It’s made of strong and quality wood built to last
  • Has storage bins and compartments for cleanup
  • Multipurpose and can be used in three ways
  • My kid loves the easel and feels like a real artist


  • The screws seem to be cheaply made
  • There have been some complaints about the bad packaging


  1. The Cute and Simple: KidKraft Storage Easel 

For those who want something that looks cute and does the simple job in holding your child’s works of art while he creates new things, then the KidKraft Storage Easel is an amazing choice! It comes in a bold espresso finish that looks sleek and definitely a stunner when I place it in my kid’s playroom.

This easel can be used in three ways, either using it as a chalkboard, dry-erase surface or using paper to keep their art as a memento. Not only that, but it also comes with plastic trays on both sides to keep all art supplies organized. Plus, it has storage compartments at the bottom for other bigger art materials!

It has the cute and colorful storage compartments my kid loves, as well as the safe materials to avoid any injuries while he works. It has no frills and simply does its job, with excellent quality and easy assembly even I could do (I have no DIY experience!).

All in all, I think it’s a great purchase. With its attractive design and strong materials, it will last for the long run and can be used for your next child!


  • This easel is made of solid and strong materials to last for a long time
  • It has a cute and attractive design with colorful compartments
  • The easel is multifunctional with three purposes
  • It’s easy to assemble and safe to use


  • The bar that holds the paper down doesn’t have a tight hold
  • There are no markers or chalk included


  1. The Strong and Easy-to-Adjust: US Art Supply Cardiff Children’s Art Activity Easel

Now, what makes the US Art Supply Activity Easel a popular choice is its simple and classic looks but the functional features that have both my child and me enjoy it!

For starters, it arrived on time and in smart packaging, so there was no damage or issues in getting the parts out and assembling. The entire process took about half an hour and it was already ready to use, provided that you have the art materials available.

I can see and feel that this is made of robust materials and that it won’t just tumble down or get damaged from kid-related accidents. Though solid, it’s still lightweight so there’s no issue about bringing it around if the kids want to work on art outside.

There are large trays on both sides to put paint and markers, as well as the paper roll, chalkboard, and whiteboard functions so they have the freedom to work wherever they want! It even comes with two large storage bins and no-spill paint cups to start the fun!

Though it may seem more expensive than other kid easels you’ve seen, it’s worth the price and can be adjusted as your kid grows.


  • Well-made and can last for years of usage
  • Easy assembly and can be used almost immediately
  • Comes with a complete package of no-spill cups and storage bins
  • Can be adjusted to your kid’s height


  • Whiteboard and chalkboard is more of a coating so writing is light
  • Shorter kids may struggle with the height


  1. The Easy-to-Store and Cool: Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel 

For those who want something that looks cute AND is easy to store for small spaces, then I definitely commend the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Standing Easel for these purposes.

Not only does it come with the solid foundation and basic (yet traditional and classy) design, but it can also fold flat within seconds so you can store it somewhere else. This is great for those with small homes and can’t deal with clutter around.

The easel is built nicely, coming with two big trays and other accessories to start their creative journey, including paper cutters, paper-roll holders, easy-clip grips, and a chalkboard and whiteboard functions!

It’s easy to use and my child picked up on how to roll and cut the paper to use it himself. So he can use it without me having to supervise every second.

However, I do wish that they had a simpler assembly because it took an hour or so to fix it myself! But besides this disadvantage, I don’t have major complaints and I feel like my kid enjoys it.


  • My kid understands it and can use it alone when cutting paper
  • It can fold flat to store easily
  • Comes with accessories to begin playing with


  • Takes a lot of time and effort to assemble
  • It’s a little bit wobbly


  1. The All-In-One and Safe: Hape Award-Winning Wooden Kid’s Art Easel 

The HAPE Wooden Kid’s Art Easel truly lives up to the name as being all-in-one! For starters, it has the chalkboard, whiteboard, and paper roll functions. And what sets it apart from most easels is that the chalkboard and whiteboard aren’t just coatings, but the real deal so using chalk or markers is no issue and you won’t have a problem about erasing or drawing on them.

Another thing I appreciate is that it’s totally safe to use. It’s made of non-toxic and child-safe materials, as well as having the strong build so it won’t easily damage and cause injury to my child. It’s made of wood and has the classic look to it but with the touch of fun, including colorful knobs and compartments for paint or other art materials.

It also has the adjustable height to accommodate your kid’s size. But, I do wish that the easel was a bit bigger and uses the standard 18-inch papers, as I have to purchase specially-sized papers from the same company.


  • Made of child-safe and non-toxic materials
  • Strong wooden construction made to last
  • Real chalkboard and whiteboard material
  • Has really great customer service


  • Need to purchase special-sized paper from the company
  • The easel is a bit smaller than standard


  1. The Best for Two Kids: BATTOP Kid’s Easel 

Another excellent choice for an easel goes to the BATTOP Kid’s Easel. It comes at a more forgiving price compared to the other easels I’ve reviewed, and it still comes with amazing features that make it fun to play with!

For starters, it comes in the standard size and strong, safe materials. It’s great for kids of up to eight years old with adjustable leg height to accommodate their size.

Other than that, the easel comes with a dust box and an accessory set to start painting. Plus, there’s no need to worry about paper rolls as you can clip it with the clippers they come with.

But the one thing I do love is that the whiteboard and chalkboard are both magnetic and very easy to erase, so it can be used for other activities and can be cleaned without the hassle. All in all, an excellent purchase if you want to save but not scrimp on quality.


  • The boards are easy to wipe and magnetic
  • Made of strong and safe materials made to last
  • It’s easy to replace the papers without the need of paper roll


  • A bit difficult to insert the tray
  • Doesn’t fold up for storage


  1. The Affordable and Digital: VTech DigiArt Creative Easel 

Last but not least, we have the VTech DigiArt Creative Easel. This is a very affordable easel made with the latest technology. No need for manual erasing and the typical chalk or whiteboards because it has a magic pen for your kid to select what mode he wants. It can be a light-up dry-erase board, a chalkboard, or a drawing table for creativity! Plus, it’s pretty tall and great for older children.

Another thing I appreciate is that it comes with traceable objects so your kid can learn all about how to draw different objects and shapes. Not only that, but it helps them to learn how to write, too!

The board is innovative and amazing, with the bright lights to use at night and abundant opportunities for them to explore. All in all, worth the affordable price!


  • Affordable price with great value
  • Has various modes to choose from and easy to use
  • Can teach how to write and draw objects
  • Not bulky and doesn’t take up too much space


  • Maybe too tall for some kids
  • Legs aren’t adjustable


Benefits of Art for Kids

Before we look into the other details, you’re probably wondering: Why bother getting an easel? Shouldn’t I focus more on teaching my kids maths and sciences over arts?

While all subjects are crucial to teach, arts is just as important to introduce to your little one, with an easel being a great way to begin it with. You’ll be surprised that creative skills go hand-in-hand with how your little one develops. Here are just some of the benefits of teaching your kid arts has to offer:

Helps Them Think Outside the Box

For starters, I love that my kid is now able to think on his own, knowing what to make based not just from the things he sees but from imagination as well. And because it helps a child think outside the box, it helps them find solutions and ideas that can help the world, and not just artistically! (

Enhances Neural Connections

Art is an activity which utilizes all senses, and with an easel, they are able to use sight and touch as they mix colors and create anything they can imagine! The brain synapses work and improve as they develop, which is another obvious benefit for brain development.

Builds Fine Motor Skills

When a child grips the paintbrush or starts to color within the lines or mixes colors, it utilizes their motor skills and enhances it. After all, these activities us a lot of dexterity and coordination, and though it may be difficult to learn when forced, art makes it an enjoyable lesson without children knowing they’re developing and learning a ton along the way!

Develops Problem-Solving Abilities

Since art can be open-ended and process-oriented, it gives one endless opportunities when making choices and decisions on how to make something look beautiful. Because of all the opportunities and chances, kids become more flexible and comfortable with uncertainty, which helps in creating ideas and solving problems.

Encourages Them to Understand What They Feel

Children will absorb a ton of new information every day, and they’ll need a way to process is healthily and with reflection. Through art, they are able to explore their feelings, express themselves during events and showing their ideas or emotions through drawings and other forms of art.

Helps Connect Kids Together

Last but not least, art can bring kids together. One can make new friends and even create new connections when they share ideas, especially when they are painting with a friend or in a class. Through this, they also enhance their social skills!


How to Choose the Best Easel for Kids

While an easel is excellent in enhancing your child’s creative skills, you have to invest in the right one! With a quality easel and taking the time to do your research, your kid will enjoy it for a long time and you get your money’s worth!

However, it can get daunting and confusing with all the brands up! So here are some helpful factors and tips when selecting an easel for kids:

Strength and Quality

I recommend that you invest in an easel which is made of the strong and durable material built to last. That way, your little one can enjoy using the easel for a long time, even when it encounters a bit of a rough art session or two! Plus, you really get your money’s worth rather than to get a cheap easel that damages easily (wasting time to get a whole new one!).

Is It Safe and Understandable for Kids?

The easel shouldn’t only be strong, but also made of the toxic-free material free from hazardous items that children might get hurt with. It should also be understandable for them, so they know how to begin using it rather than being discouraged from the confusion.

I recommend that you also find something that’s fairly easy to assemble, which is a benefit on your side.

What Other Features?

An easel is a stand meant for holding the artist’s work. But there are actually other features a kid’s easel has to offer, from extra storage space or even the dual sides to use as a blackboard for more creativity and games! You might want to consider this, depending on what your little one wants.

Easy Adjustment and Storage

Last but not the least, I recommend that you get an easel that has the proper storage and capabilities to be folded down to hide away when it’s clean up time. That way, all your kid’s toys used for the easel are properly organized and free from clutter, and the easel is stowed away without it messing up the room.


Helping Your Child With Creativity

Now that you know about the benefits of arts and how to select a quality easel, what are ways to encourage and teach your child to use it? Here are the different tips to follow:

  • An easel isn’t just for art, but it can be used when teaching your little one lessons from school! Use it as a blackboard where you can help him with small activities that can enhance his knowledge in other subjects.
  • If your child is starting to feel bored with the usual pencils or crayons, then do something new and get new materials to play with together! Glitter glue, watercolor pencils, or paint will give them more opportunities and have them enjoy what they can create when using the easel. (
  • You can join your child while painting, teaching them the proper way to stroke and how to stay steady. You can even teach them how to draw the figures they have in mind! Remember to let your child apply his skills while praising him. It will encourage him to keep going!
  • Let him join cleanup time so he will learn how to remove clutter by himself, teaching responsibility and organization.

Check out this informative video, which shows you more on how you can teach painting to your little one. 


Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! Your kid’s toys don’t only need to be for fun, but they can learn a ton of it as well. And if your little one wants to become an artist, then it’s time to support them by giving the right materials, starting off with an easel. With a good one, you’re assured that it’s built to last for years of arts and crafts.

Of all the different easels tried and tested, I believe that the best one goes to the Little Partners Deluxe Art Easel. What I love about it is that it gives off a realistic feel, so your little one will feel like a true artist. It also has two sides to unleash their inner teacher or painter, as well as a storage space to easily store their supplies during cleanup.

From its excellent quality down to its multi-functionality, I can say it’s worth the investment and a great gift for kids.

Hopefully, this article on the best easel for kids gave you an idea on what you should invest in for your little one now! So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these products today.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences when investing in easels, then comment below. I would love to hear what you have to think.


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