Every mother is motivated to give the best to her baby during pregnancy and even life after the arrival of the little one. According to World Health Organization, the first 1000 days (from pregnancy up to the child’s second birthday) are very critical and set foundations of good health, growth, and brain development for the rest of their life. Therefore, when one thinks of the newborns and sleep, co-sleeping vs crib sleeping comes in mind. Babies need frequent feeding and can be awake anytime during the night which can be challenging to the sleep cycle of the parents.

Co-sleeping offers the opportunity to bond with baby and allows convenience in breastfeeding while on the other hand crib sleeping fosters confidence and helps the child fall asleep on their own. So, which one is the best to choose and practice? In this article, find the essential information about the co-sleeping and crib sleeping, including the best products review and a buying guide to support you in decision making. 

What does Co-sleeping mean?

Co-sleeping is also known as sleep sharing. It refers to sleeping close to the child, either in the same room or bed. It can be done in several ways:

•Family bed or bed sharing- occurs when a parent sleeps in the same bed together with a child.
•Separate beds in the same room – the baby sleeps inside the crib or the bassinet in the same room just an arm’s far from the parents.
•Sidecar arrangement - the crib is connected to one side of the bed near the mother and can easily be adjusted to allow easy breastfeeding.
•Baby welcome when needed – the baby is made to sleep in his/her bedroom but is allowed back to the parents’ bed on a need basis.

What is Crib-sleeping?

Crib-sleeping is an alternative to co-sleeping, in which the child sleeps in a bed (crib) independent of the parents’ and maybe, in a different room.

Co-Sleeping Vs Crib Sleeping: do they mean the same thing?

Although these two methods are not the same, there are some similarities to have in mind. They include:

  • •Objective
    They are focused on ensuring that the baby is well taken care of- both of the methods demand that parents give attention to the baby throughout the night. The caregiver has to keep on checking that the baby is comfortable, fed and the diaper is changed. It is crucial for both parents to support each other since sometimes it can be overwhelming for either the mother or father only. Alternatively, the father may take up some household chores during the day so that the mother can get adequate rest during the day. 
  • •Safety
    Both co-sleeping and crib-sleeping encourage safety of the baby at all times. In co-sleeping, the parents have to take precautions to avoid sleeping with the baby if they are exhausted, have taken alcohol, sedatives, drugs or any other medications that make reduce alertness.
    In crib-sleeping, parents have to make sure that the baby does not sleep with other older children as it may cause overheating (a potential risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome). Moreover, it is essential to keep bedding light and minimal away from the baby’s head to enhance free movement and to avoid smothering or getting too hot. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, there is sufficient evidence that room sharing with no bed sharing reduces the risk of sudden infant death syndrome by 50%.

5 Best products for Co-Sleeping Vs Crib Sleeping that you might need

If you would like to bring the baby to your bedroom, you will require products on hand to help. In this part of the article, we have reviewed five top Co-Sleeping Vs Crib Sleeping products available on the market today. The products feature soft textured fabrics, durable metal or plastic frames, safety features and accessories to make night-time feeding a lot easier. They are designed to be placed either between two parents or just beside one parent and can be comfortably used within the first few months of the infant life.

1.The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper

First Years Close and Secure Sleeper offer convenience and comfort while keeping the baby close to the mother. It is light and allows you to monitor the baby carefully, thanks to its clear view design on the sides. When traveling, you can quickly fold and carry it as it is designed for easy portability. Its compact size fits well between the pillows in the bed allows you to quickly roll over and attend to your little angel during the night hours. Furthermore, this sleeper can be used to transition the baby to crib sleeping.

The First Years Close and Secure Sleeper


  • It is a perfect pick for babies who have sensitive skin, as it has a soft, warm texture.
  • It has a built-in light that makes feeding and changing diapers at night so easy.
  • Perfectly fits well on almost all beds  ,Portable
  • Has an airflow design that allows free circulation of air


  • The quality of the mesh is not long lasting and can easily be disfigured by the parent’s arms or legs
  • It is only made for young babies and therefore, cannot be used for a long time

2.Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround

When you are planning to have the unique product that is soft and cozy for co-sleeping, the Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround product is the ideal selection to make. It has an unrivaled softness that soothes the skin of your little one. It can quickly and easily be folded, making it great for a daytime napper, travel bed or co-sleeping bed. It allows for the changing of the inclination by using the removable wedge to enable slight incline of your baby when sleeping. Because it's material is soft, this sleeper can be positioned in between pillows, for exceptional comfort and safety of the baby.

Baby Delight Snuggle Nest Surround


  • It is lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • It is comfortable and soothing to the baby due to is soft and warm texture.
  • Has a mesh construction on the sides to allow maximum ventilation
  • Comes with a sound soother, with a five-level volume control
  • check
    Has a removable night light


  • It is cumbersome to wash without the use of a washable cover
  • A baby may roll to either side and knock the side panels.
  • times-rectangle
    For newborns, it can only be used when they are awake as the option of inclining the wedge may make sleeping unsafe.

3.SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper

The SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper standouts due it's low-cost, compared to other products for infants sleeping in bed. It can be used from birth until the baby can roll and push up without your assistance. It features a sturdy metal frame, and soft, comfortable fabrics. Another outstanding feature is that it comes with an adjustable soft wristband audio monitor that alerts the parent when the baby needs attention.

SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper


  • The frame of this sleeper is stable and long-lasting
  • It is comfortable and ensures security when your baby is sleeping
  • Unlike most other sleepers, it is easy to wash and maintain cleanliness.
  • Has mesh sides to prevent overheating


  • Pad provided is not waterproof
  • Not easy and quick to fold when you want to carry it around conveniently

4.HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper

If you want a co-sleeping product that can easily be attached to the bed, HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper is your best choice. It can rotate all directions safely allowing you to attend to your baby from all angles conveniently. Also, you can bring this sleeper to a height slightly above the mattress by pushing the feet below the bed at an eye level for maximum safety. It possesses extra items such as bells and whistles to promote fun and calming moments for the baby.

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper


  • It has built-in light and vibration to enhance quick and convenient night-time feeding and diaper changing.
  •  The walls of the Bassinest are made up of springs that allow easy movements when reaching the baby.
  • The 360-degree rotation minimizes movements of the caretaker and is particularly helpful when recovering from a caesarian section.
  • The mattress pad is waterproof and easy to clean with a damp cloth.


  • After using the Bassinest for a long time, it bends which may lead to baby sleeping on one side than other.
  • The mattress is a bit cold and needs a second sheet other than the one provided by the manufacturer

5.Delta Children Canton 4- in-1 Convertible Crib, Grey

If you would like a crib that you can convert into a full fitting bed, then this crib will help achieve what you need. The product fits the set standards for safe use and certified by the relevant organizations. It has an attractive design, top functionality, and quality that are built by the firm and robust wood.

Delta Children Canton 4- in-1 Convertible Crib, Grey


  • Can easily be converted to a bed
  • Made of quality and sturdy material that enhance enough safety
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Made of quality that meets the safety standards of certifying organizations


  • It's not easy to move or carry around during traveling.
  • The wood cover can quickly come out

Benefits of selecting Co-Sleeping Vs Crib Sleeping

You enhance the safety and comfort of your baby

Safety of the baby is achieved if the parents always practice safe co-sleeping or crib sleeping. By ensuring that you select the appropriate product (Co-Sleeping Vs Crib Sleeping) the baby gets enough space to roll over and stretch, enhancing maximum comfort and allowing more space in the bed for the parents.

Peaceful night sleep

You don’t get worried you might suffocate the baby while asleep especially when taking some medications that might make you less alert. The mother can easily breastfeed, change baby diapers and attend to other problems that might interrupt the baby sleep. According to research, baby crying at night results in the production of the adrenaline which increases the heartbeat, disrupting sleep and thereby leading to chronic sleep anxiety.

Reduced chances of sudden infant death syndrome

A baby who shares or sleeps next to their parents has a 50% decrease in the possibilities of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). This is because the co-sleeping babies spend most of the time sleeping on their back which is less associated with SIDS. More research has indicated that the carbon dioxide exhaled by the parent stimulates the breathing of the baby.

Your baby is set to have long term emotional health

According to the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP), for parents who practice co-sleeping, their babies grow and attain higher self-esteem, low anxiety, efficiently depend on themselves and perform better in schools. Also, they have appealing affection and less psychiatric problems.

It is convenient

You get more restful nights of sleep and efficiently practice breastfeeding, bonding and change the diapers without having to move up and down in the house as the baby is near and you can quickly reach out.

Factors to Consider When Buying Co-Sleeping Vs Crib Sleeping Products

It is important to be empowered with some crucial information on key things to consider before buying products related to Co-Sleeping Vs Crib Sleeping. The products will be more meaningful for you and your little one if you acquire those that best fit your needs.
After a lot of research, we have come up with the following critical things to have in mind. 

  • Be keen on the safety standards and certifications

When buying products, make sure that they meet the international standards and have been certified to be safe. Products must pass a certain stage of safety standards tests before being sold to the consumers. By checking product safety, you will be sure that you do not put your baby or you at any risk of injury. Some of the products have abbreviations (CPSC, FPMA, and ASTM) that bear the name of the organizations that are certified to ensure that products are safe. For example, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) is an organization that is recognized in testing products and showing the results as per their standards. Therefore, finding a crib or sleeper that has earned their certification is ideal.

  • Functionality and shape

Go for the product that is convenient, comfortable and fits your necessity. Also, consider the space that you have at home when choosing the size of your product so that it can fit well. For your convenience, some of the sleepers or cribs come with lighting to make it easy to attend the baby at night.

  • Simple and elegant

Choose the product that is easy to use and has an attractive style. You can select a co-sleeper product that perfectly fits beside the bed or between the pillows while still offering safety and comfort to you and the baby. Imagine how convenient it is to have a co-sleeper that allows you just to pull the baby for feed or changing and when the baby goes back to sleep you both have enough space to sleep.

  • Portability

A product that can quickly be carried from one place to another is better since you are sure of continued safety and comfort when you travel. Lightweight co-sleepers or cribs are ideal since they easy to fold or pack. Some hotels or other places may provide this product, but you may not be sure of safety. Also, you may want to have a co-sleeper or crib that allows baby daytime sleep in the living and the bedroom at night.

  • Cleaning

Soft, warm, machine washable, easy to wash and maintain clean are some of the good qualities of the co-sleeper or crib fabric you should consider. General use, spit ups, and diaper changing will need you to clean often. Therefore, find the material of the product that is easy to wipe, and air dries fast. Also, it should use minimal time for washing and drying.

  • Comfort

Just like your bed should be comfortable, so does the baby's sleep area. Look for the product that allows a good sleeping position, enough space to roll over, stretch legs and hands, and is appealing to your own eyes. Also, consider buying a sleeper or crib with adjustable height for easy movements.

  • Age of your child

Age is another factor to consider when you want to select the co-sleeper of crib since the baby may have outgrown the available co-sleeper or may be too small for co-sleeping – premature babies are too delicate for co-sleeping. You may also need to think of your child physical development, size, weight and the ability to sleep alone or co-sleep.

  • Extra features

You should consider buying the product that has additional features that are more useful during the night such as night lights and lullabies that can help soothe and feed the little one. Some co-sleepers come with canopies that add extra comfort to your baby.


Based on the information discussed above concerning the Co-Sleeping Vs Crib Sleeping, we hope that you can now make an intelligent decision on the method that is appropriate for you and your baby. 

Also, from our buying guide, you can select the best products for the sleeping method of your choice. Choosing the perfect product will ensure that your baby is safe, you can take care of their needs at night, and you get a peaceful and refreshing sleep.
Please note; - if your child has any special needs, get detailed and individualized suggestions from your pediatrician.