Are you giving baby a bottle? you may need to heat breast milk to a baby-friendly temperature so that your he/she can consume enough amounts. Heating is especially recommended for the breastfed baby starting bottle to minimise the chances of refusal.

Therefore, what is your option of warming milk between bottle warmer vs boiling water? You can choose what you already have in the house or heat with accessories sold form the baby shops or stores. Whichever the option you select, never let the breastmilk to boil as this will lead to loss of heat-sensitive essential nutrients and antibodies in breastmilk. Some of the factors will require to think about when deciding on the best method to choose includes; you and your baby safety, nutrients retention, cost implications and convenience.

In this article, find the critical information regarding bottle warmer vs boiling water and top product reviews including other vital details to equip you with the knowledge that will guide in identifying the best option.

Top Healthy Ways to Warming Up Milk/Formula for Your Baby

There are numerous options for warming breast milk that you can choose. It is an easy thing to do, but it is significant you take precaution to ensure the milk does not become hot or lose nutritional properties during the process of heating. Whichever the option you take up, always avoid using the microwave to warm the milk since it can result to uneven heating which can burn the baby's mouth. Also, can make the bottle to explode in the microwave if left for too long.

  • How to use bottle warmer
    A warmer is an electric device that intelligently warms milk to the desired temperature depending on the bottle type and the quantity of milk. They come in different shapes and size. Therefore, ensure you select one that fits with the shape and size of your bottle. When you are away from home, you can still choose a warmer that is made for the car. What about you are using formula? Select the one that can dispense, mix and heat water in just simple step. 
  • check
    Using warm water
    Warm water is one of the most used bottle warming method that does not need specialised equipment. You may require to heat some water on the gas cooker, microwave running tap water or any other source of heat. The water needs to warm and not to boil; then you place a bottle of milk in warm water after moving it away from the heat source. Keep swirling the bottle gently to ensure that the milk bottle is heated thoroughly. Note that the method requires some minutes to bring milk to the perfect temperature. 

What you should understand about Bottle Warmer Vs Boiling Water

Though both methods have many differences there a few similar things that we felt you should know. Read every section carefully to be able to make an informed decision and give the best care to your baby. After reading many reviews, we discovered that most nursing mothers said that the best bottle warmer depends on the place you intend to use it and how regularly you want to warm bottles.

  • •Use
    Bottle warmer vs boiling water have one unique purpose of heating milk to the right temperature. Though one of the method (bottle warmer) uses a particular accessory while the other (boiling water) needs the household equipment their primary use is to get the milk to perfect temperature. 
  • •Nutrients preservation
    When the right steps are followed in warming the milk, the nutritional value can easily be retained with a minimal nutrient loss. By avoid boiling or reheating milk, the heat sensitive nutrients do not get lost. Always regulate the temperature of your bottle warmer to body temperature (370 centigrade) and for the boiling water use at lukewarm. 

Top 5 best Bottle warmer vs boiling water products review

Using a warmer is convenient (easy and quick) way to bring the baby milk to the preferred temperature with just a click of a button. It is safer compared to microwave and more precise than using hot water. It is a sure way to retain most of the nutrients, especially in the breast milk. Boiling water and warming milk on top is a popular method among many mothers since it is cheap and does not require special equipment for heating. One can pick the utensils in the house and proceed in warming the breast milk. You should take precautions to avoid overheating the milk.
To assist you to select the best Bottle warmer vs. boiling water we have handpicked the best products and reviewed them.

1 Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer

This product tops in our list among the best warmer you can utilize primrily for travelling. It easy to carry milk or food at a go. The price is friendly making it preferred for occasional use. You do not require electricity as the thermos will keep the contents warm for a significant number of hours making it ideal for travelling. The top lid enhances user safety with a compact design plus.

Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer


  • No electricity needed
  • Can be used for food and milk
  • It maintains the bottle for hours
  • Use friendly compact design


  • It cannot heat water

2. BEABA 3-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer

If you require a bottle that will deliver on speed, this is your best choice. It has a heating element that heats milk in a few minutes, and you can use it to sterilize baby when you close the lid and allow the steam to circulate. You can control everything you prefer with easy to use self-timer that enables the warmer to shut off. It is free from toxic elements such as lead and phthalate making it safe for regular use. It can hold many types of bottles allowing more space for your kitchen and comfortable functions style that is baby friendly. The product is manufactured by the world leading company recognized for innovative baby products that meet international standards.

BEABA 3-in-1 Baby Bottle Warmer


  • Multipurpose baby warmer
  • Use friendly
  • Timer and auto-shutdown
  • Gorgeous and functional design


  • You can't regulate temperature

3.Elfinbaby Baby Bottle 2018 upgraded

What I like about the hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel bed is how it's perfect to bring just about anywhere. It's a compact air bed that you can easily set up with the electric turbo pump that's a part of the package. It also includes a large travel bag to make it even easier to travel with!

Elfinbaby Baby Bottle 2018 upgraded


  • Fast and effective
  • Can hold many bottles at a go
  • Have five level temperatures you can choose from
  • Multifunctional – warms up food, milk and sterilises bottles


  • It is not portable

4.Babebay Baby Bottle 4 in 1

What I like about the hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel bed is how it's perfect to bring just about anywhere. It's a compact air bed that you can easily set up with the electric turbo pump that's a part of the package. It also includes a large travel bag to make it even easier to travel with!

Babebay Baby Bottle 4 in 1


  • You can control the temperature easily
  • The thermostat allows maintenance of the desired temperature
  • check
    Have space that can hold two bottles
  • You monitor the progress by the digital display
  • You can use it for warming and sterilizing milk


  • Not easily portable

5.The First Years Simple Serve Bottle Warmer

What I like about the hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel bed is how it's perfect to bring just about anywhere. It's a compact air bed that you can easily set up with the electric turbo pump that's a part of the package. It also includes a large travel bag to make it even easier to travel with!

The First Years Simple Serve Bottle Warmer


  • Uses less than two minutes to warm
  • Cost friendly
  • Compact and steady design
  • Auto-shut off feature


  • Not easy to choose the temperature
  • Short power code

Bottle Warmer Vs Boiling Water: The Ultimate Buying Tips

Whichever the method or the product you choose there are things you need put into consideration to enjoy the convenience and save time. The product you select should meet the following features to give the best service:

•Heating efficiency
This feature is a priority since the main reason for buying a warmer is to warm the breast milk or formula milk to the right temperature. The warmer should take less than five minutes to get the bottle heat up to the right temperature. Consistent warming will help save time and give a lot of conveniences. A warmer that uniformly heats the bottle allows even distribution of heat in milk.

•User-friendly – safety and durability
Select a warmer that you can efficiently use and fits within your usual routine. Bottle warmers that have control and digital view allow easy monitoring of the warming or sterilization. Take note that you will go through the learning period after buying a warmer before it fits into a daily routine. Buy a warmer that can accommodate your bottle size and type and includes a holder to remove the bottle when it is hot for you to hold by bare hands. Also look for warmer that you can use for a long time as it will be worth spending the money.

•Easy to clean
Baby food should always be clean at all cost to prevent any illness that might result due to poor hygiene conditions. You should purchase a warmer that you can maintain clean throughout without using much effort. Some products require you to use vinegar to rinse and get rid of descaling which will help in preventing any contamination. A warmer that has many compartments is challenging to wash especially when food or fluid leak in the inaccessible spaces. Therefore, look for the one that has simple interiors that are easy clean.

If you are always moving then consider a warmer that is easy to carry and will reduce the hustles associated with traveling with your little one. A warmer that fits well with your traveling is more preferred to avoid extra cost.

You might consider buying a warmer that has more space that can hold different size and shapes of the bottle to save you the hustles of shifting to fitting bottles. This is perfect if you do not intend to travel often as some of large warmer are cumbersome to carry.

•Extra features
Some warmers have unique features such as coolers for keeping the milk at a low temperature until the heating. Also, some are designed with an extra basket that uses steam to sterilize the pacifier. Also, the thermostat is another important feature that helps keep a constant temperature and also indicates the desired temperature.

•Perfect fit
Consider buying a warmer that will fit with any bottle of your preference such as the disposable bottle, angled bottle, wide-neck bottle and others. You will have a freedom to more than one bottle with different shapes and sizes that are interesting to your baby. 

Benefits of Using Bottle Warmer Vs Boiling Water

Giving baby breast milk or formula at the temperature that matches the human body (370 centigrade) does not only reduce the chances of bottle refusal but also helps to retain the nutrition value. If you need a real time saver that will offer you the convenience at ago, then consider purchasing bottle warmer. Also, you will be sure to enjoy the following benefits every day:
•Constant temperature
You are sure to have milk at the preferred temperature for a couple of hours to avoid reheating. It is an important feature that is attractive when buying a warmer.
By just a press of a button, you can warm the milk to the preferred temperature within a few minutes. Also, the ability of the warmer to maintain constant temperature saves a lot of time when compared to heating with a stove or microwave.
You can enjoy convenience and variety
You have an extensive collection of bottle warmers to choose from depending on your preference. You can select a warmer that is portable and can be used in the car by attaching on the car’s cigarette lighter. Either you are going for a vacation or sightseeing tour there is a warmer that you will love. Frorm the simple warmers to the ones with sophisticated features choice is up to you.
•Get the efficiency that you deserve
Bottle warmers heat the milk/formula evenly in the bottle. This makes it more useful than microwave or stove in warming the bottle. It is a sure way to get the job done well and faster saving time and energy. You can be able to multitask with the added features that come with the product you select.
•Health and safety
Apart from reducing the risk of burn injury, bottle warmers help retain the nutrients in milk and still warm it to baby-friendly temperature.

Why Select Bottle Warmer Vs Boiling Water?

There are many options to heat the milk that you go for but why would you choose the bottle warmer. Sometimes you can buy convenience that comes with a specific product and honestly it's worth if it makes you enjoy every moment.

  • Have stress-free moments
    With a bottle warmer you are sure to get things done as planned and you can share the responsibility with your partner or nanny. Also, you can control the quantity of milk or food the baby takes. While traveling, you pack your bag and explore the world without getting worried about what the baby will take. 
  • Multitask and save time
    You can set the warmer and let it do what it does best as you take up other duties. When you select a bottle warmer with audio and visual alerts, you press a control and give sometime. After the warmer has reached the preferred temperature it auto shuts off and alerts you. 


Picking up the method to use for warming the breast milk or formula can be hard. There is no difference between Bottle warmer vs boiling water regarding heating the baby’s milk to the preferred temperature. But, when you consider the convenience, time, safety and user-friendliness, you may opt for a bottle warmer. We have done our best to give the essential information about the warmers vs. boiling water which will guide in shopping the best for your baby. 

If you are a first-time user and have chosen a bottle warmer we recommend you read the instructions manual thoroughly before use. Though we emphasize you to go for the bottle warmer, that choice is yours depending on where you want to use and how often. Remember a happy baby makes parents happy too.