The 9 Best Twin Bed For Toddler : How to make the right choice!

best twin bed for toddler

When your little boy or girl grows out of their baby crib, its time to get them a new twin bed for toddler. Although some cribs can be converted into toddler beds to minimize space, it will only last for a while. Your little cutty will ultimately require a bigger kids bed.  While you may worry if transitioning your child is the right thing to do at this time, your peace will come by learning what will help you choose the right option and make the transition with ease. Moving your toddler to a twin bed can offer him or her some feeling of safety while they gradually grow into the bed.  Here, in this guide, we have provided you with everything you need to transition your child smoothly while ensuring that their lives are minimally disrupted.

Best Twin Bed For a Toddler buying guide

If you think it is time you move your toddler to a little kids bed, check out these factors to ensure you make the right choice and avoid potential  mistakes:

The developmental stage of your child 

The first factor to consider in choosing the right best twin bed for a toddler is your child. Ensure that you are going for the option that is most suitable for them. Some kids make the transition smoothly while others take a bit more time to acclimatize. Go with what is ideal for your child. Twin beds can make use of various types of mattresses. Majority of kids are glad to use anyone provided for them. Thankfully, kid’s do n’t experience back pain as much as adults because of their age and a few other, other factors. However, if your child feels any type of discomfort at nights, your best and the first line of action is to seek your doctor's advice.

Best twin bed need to be proofed to Prevent Falls

A good twin bed for a toddler needs to be adequately secured to ensure the safety of your toddler assuming he or she rolls while sleeping on the couch. If you decide to transition straight into an adult-sized bed,  remember to set up a guardrail. Luckily most twin beds package includes removable guardrails. You can as well purchase isolated guardrails. These are commonly fitted into the bed with slats or straps anchor beneath the mattress. Alternatively, you can put a box spring and mattress on the floor if you worry that your child may fall over. The feature reduces the hazard. Besides, your toddler can easily climb in and out of bed with such an arrangement, and if there is occasional accidental fall, they won't sustain any injury. You can integrate a frame into the bed as soon as your child acclimatizes to the new sleeping bed.

Make the change minimal

This is especially the case if your child has a hard time transitioning into a toddler bed. So, avoid changing bedding for them. Let them use the previous bedding. Toddlers frequently show aversions to change and to make a move a little more comfortable for them, keeping their nursery setting and bedtime custom familiar will make a move more manageable for the both of you. Avoid the temptation of rushing out for new big bedding or pillow. Your kids may feel more relaxed in their previous crib blanket.

Avoid being in too much haste

The transition can be complicated.  The bed you choose for your kids should be comfy and secure. If your child is having issues transitioning smoothly and immediately, give him or her some time. Sleeping on the bed yourself could help your child easily adapt to the new environment.

Buying a Twin Bed


Twin toddler beds come with a lot of benefits. This can include built-in safety rails and a low distance between the bed and the floor to limit the potential for injury.
  • Besides twin bed for toddlers come with sufficient value. Some of them can serve your toddler until they high school and even while they are in college.
  • Also, some twin bed frames are made in kid-friendly designs. Some of them come with headboards which would make the piece of furniture attractive and practical for your little one.
  • Twin bed for toddlers can also accommodate their parents creating sufficient room to snuggle your child before they doze off.


  • Twin bed would necessitate additional cost of a twin-size mattress, a bed frame, and convenient safety rails
  • If the removable safety rails aren’t correctly installed, it could trap your child
  • A few twin bed frames are high profile making it difficult for your little kid to jump in and out of bed

Best twin bed for Toddler: Factors to consider 

  • The bed frame should be able to accommodate a standard-size twin mattress. Ensure that the twin bed frames are well-built and come with a smooth finish. The edges need to be rounded. There must be no protruding hardware. If your child's old crib mattress is small for the bed and fits poorly, purchase a mattress that fits. Any unfilled gap between the frames and the mattress can be hazardous. You don’t want your child getting trapped. Do you!
  • The structure of the bed must be sturdy.  Ensure you choose a toddler bed that is sufficiently solid to withstand the rough jumping of your toddler.
  • Ensure that the bed frame comes in a smooth finish without any poking hazard.
  • Get a bed that comes with side rails or which has a feature that would allow you to attach one. Side rails are a great option especially if your little one tosses and tumbles while asleep. Such rail would help to prevent slipping off. Check that the JPMA certifies the safety rails and it contains a sticker that indicates this certification.
  • Check that the Twin bed comes with the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification.  Check the packaging for the label before you buy. The certification ensures that the product is on par with the safety standards. Do not compromise your child's safety.

Top 9  Best Twin Beds for your Toddlers

Twin beds come in different designs and models. While a few kids prefer fancy bed frames, with slides, lofty or bunk beds with a theme that suits their play or lifestyle ensure you put your child's safety first when making a choice. To help your buying decisions, we have put together the reviews of a top best Twin bed for toddlers. Having discussed what makes a good twin bed for toddler, lets quickly look at our top picks.

This KidKraft Addison Twin Bed is made from composite wood materials. It’s a sturdy bed made in a smart, simple design.  The mattress weighs 55 pounds, and it isn't difficult to set up. It comes with all the pieces all well-packaged. The headboard on the rear side of the bed is nice when the child is sitting up to read a book or holding a tablet. It is sturdy and doesn’t make a squeaking noise.  It is available in either white or espresso color. The neutral color makes it a great fit in any bedroom setting.  This twin bed easily accommodate the average size of a twin bed mattress. The package comes with a step-by-step set-up guide.  This attractive piece of furniture is sure to hold up for years!


  • Nice looking bed with a straightforward structure
  • Easy to install
  • Durable bed. Can easily support the weight of a toddler and an adult
  • It comes with central support for additional stability.
  • It's  a suitable size for the toddler, low to the ground and makes getting in and out of the bed easy
  • Great packaging. Pieces of product come with adequate protection.
  • Top quality hardware in a properly organized manner
  • Clear and easy to follow instructions included.
  • Great value for the price.


  • The holes are drilled too small and can delay set up.
  • Need some time to assemble

This south shore twin bed is a small pretty bed with attractive features and a clean design for your child. It comes with a few additional features. This bed will fit comfortably into the corner of your room. It features plenty of storage room with three drawers beneath the bed. These can comfortably fit in a few clothes, toys, books, tablets, and additional items. The bed ships with easy to follow instructions and the setup is not difficult. Bed comes in a luxurious Cherry finish while the material is made from engineered-wood and laminated board. Besides, you get a five-year warranty. This tells you that the bed is built to last. The package includes only bed fixtures. The mattress is not included. Installation instructions are easy to follow.


  • A nice looking piece of furniture for your toddler
  • Well packaged with all the parts included for easy setup
  • Low to the ground; easy for  toddlers to get on and off
  • The bed feels very sturdy
  • Straightforward instructions. The instructions have improved with well-labeled pictures for easy assembly.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Good bed arrangement.
  • Roomy storage drawers


  • Set up take an enormous amount of time
  • The quality of wood can be better

This Sauder Parklane Twin Platform Bed makes an ideal choice if you are looking for an original big kid bed. It features a headboard and is suitable to be used for the guest room when no longer required for your toddler. The bed is made in a classic style with a smooth and contemporary look. It is structured with good quality and engineered wood. Package includes installation instructions to make assemblage easy. This bed comes in a cinnamon cherry finish and is a good fit for the majorities of twin-size mattresses. You don’t need a box spring for the bed. However, you can order one separately if you want. The package does not include bedding. It is very affordable and comes in a compact size to save space.


  • Easy to assemble
  • The wood comes without a dent
  • All of the holes lined up
  • Easy to follow instructions  with a bit of humor
  • Sturdy bed with supports in the center.
  • Good value for the price
  • Well-made, heavy and sturdy
  • Great bed with a fantastic look.


  • The back of the headboard is a plank of unfinished wood.
  • The assemblage can take a couple of hours

This Sauder Parklane Twin Platform Bed makes an ideal choice if you are looking for an original big kid bed. It features a headboard and is suitable to be used for the guest room when no longer required for your toddler. The bed is made in a classic style with a smooth and contemporary look. It is structured with good quality and engineered wood. Package includes installation instructions to make assemblage easy. This bed comes in a cinnamon cherry finish and is a good fit for the majorities of twin-size mattresses. You don’t need a box spring for the bed. However, you can order one separately if you want. The package does not include bedding. It is very affordable and comes in a compact size to save space.


  • Fantastic product at a great price
  • The bed is simple to setup
  • Awesome looking bed and slide
  • This bed is too cute!
  • Heavy and sturdy bed
  • A small bunk bed with a great fit
  • Good be with well-made construction
  • Great fit for twin sized mattress both on the top bunk and the bottom bed


  • The metal slide makes a loud noise if the kids kick on it.
  • Square bars with dangerous pointed edges. Purchasing edge guards can remedy this issue.
  • The slide is not long enough. Its suitable for kids up to 8 years

This is a stylish and straightforward toddler bed; a fantastic option for letting your child go wild with imaginations. It serves as a fort or playhouse and bed. This beautiful bed comes with open sides for sufficient ventilation. Nonetheless, the front and rear side begin with a fabric cover that makes the bed appear like a playhouse.

The bed comes in a metal frame which makes it very sturdy and durable. It features a polyester material with silk-print stripes. Integrated into the package are guardrails and a fixed ladder for added safety. The product doesn’t ship with twin mattress. You need to purchase it separately.


  • Attractive looking bed
  • Fun bed for kids to play and sleep
  • Low profile and comfortable for the toddler to climb in and out
  • Amazing construction
  • Well- built and sturdy
  • Clear and easy to follow instructions
  • Enough room for storage underneath the bed
  • Amazing for the price.
  • Incredible product at a fantastic price.
  • Assembling is moderately easy
  • Excellent quality


  • Lack of rails on the sides which can cause falls
  • May not be suitable for kids 5 to 7 years

This pink DHP Metal Canopy bed is suitable for little girls. It features other colors which may also be ideal for little boys. You can quickly turn the bed into a princess dress with some drapes. It comes in a well-built metal construction for durability and is sure to last long.  You can also purchase a bigger size of this bed for an adult. It is strong enough to serve your toddler all the way to teenage years. It comes in a contemporary design with integrated headboard. This DHP Modern Metal Canopy Bed doesn’t require box spring.


  • Products come well packaged and  properly arranged
  • Installation gears included
  • Excellent quality at an astonishing price
  • The beds are easy to install.
  • Contemporary look and stylish design
  • Lettered parts for easy setup
  • Easy to follow installation instructions.
  • Unique construction and sturdy material
  • High quality
  • The stats come interlocked


  • It slides a bit with the installation of a mattress.

This DHP savannah microfiber Upholstered bed features artistic curves in neutral colors. It has a smart wooden leg. The slat support system improves ventilation and allows free-flow of air underneath the bed. Thus, the mattress remains fresh for a more extended period. A central metal rail is integrated for extra support with the stylish wooden legs. The package comes in a single box and is not difficult to set up. This bed makes a great choice of bed for a little girl in its pink color shade which gives it a process beds feel. It has a comparatively low profile which makes it very suitable for a toddler.  You are sure to love this, and your little princess can't wait to pop into it for a cozy night sleep.


  • Cute looking bed
  • The slats fit well and don’t wriggle.
  • Well made and durable
  • Clear and easy to follow installation guide integrated
  • Very comfortable
  • Eay to set up
  • The holes are properly aligned


  • The slats quality could be better

This Donco Kids Loft bed is a solid, amazing looking bed for kids that love to sleep up high. It gives kids a beautiful little playhouse with easy to climb the ladder and a hiding place below the bed. The installation guide is included in the pack and is easy to follow.  The loft bed is suitable for kids of three to ten years old.  The height is sufficient to make your kid feel tugged in his or her fortress.  Yet, it is not overly high that is unsafe, inaccessible and out of reach.

It comes in a carefully planned and ingenious design that includes a detachable desk to serve your child's needs during school years.  The shelves and drawers are well located without any form of obstructions. The bed comes in white color and can either be used of a girl or a boy child. It easily matches any decor scheme.  Given the material is from solid pine, it’s cumbersome. Thus it might be somehow tasking to assemble however once fixed it will last as an excellent piece of furniture for several years.


  • Great bed and the good-sized desk with excellent craftsmanship
  • The wooden frame is made of solid wood and is very sturdy
  • The slats are thicker solid wood with good support
  • The support for the rails are square, and the corners can cause scratches.
  • The desk is the right size.
  • Ample storage space including spacious and sturdy shelves


  • The bottom of the drawers are not sturdy enough
  • The casters material is plastic, and this may not last.
  • Sharp edges on the corner can cause scratches
  • The paint finishing smells

This daybed is well-made and sturdy. Carefully planned and thorough installation guide with a simple to follow instructions included in the pack.  If you are looking for a twin bed that you can put into varied uses, this makes a great option. It can serve as a toddler bed at night and a comfortable settee during the day.  There is a sufficient space at the base to properly fit a pull out bed. However, it is not included in the pack and is sold separately.

It comes in a neutral color making it suitable for both little boys and girls. The bed is constructed with solid and amazing looking wood. Besides, it is easy to assemble although you would give it a good amount of time. Space underneath can as well be handy for storage.


  • Lovely and fantastic bed set up
  • Classy looking wood finishing
  • No unpleasant squeaking noise
  • It feels very sturdy and can serve as both bed and a couch
  • Comfortable bed with a cozy feel
  • Great height
  • Underneath the bed can serve as an excellent storage space
  • This bed is very sturdy and can hold the weight of adult over 300 lbs.
  • Amazing piece of furniture


  • It is a bit costly but provides sufficient value for the price
  • Assemblage takes a lot of work


There you have it everything you need to help you make the right choice of a twin bed for your toddler. Remember to put into consideration the factors we have discussed that tells you if your chosen piece would make the best twin bed for your toddler. Whatever you decide to go for, whether a wooden or metal frame, you have a lot of options out there to meet your children and family needs. All our recommendations here make a great piece of the best Twin Bed for Toddler. However, the winner for you and your child would depend on your peculiar needs and situation. Wishing you a happy shopping. Let us know how you get on.


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