One of the essentials I invested in when I first had my little one was a Graco Pack n Play! This was such a cute and perfect addition to the house, as I’m able to strap him on while he naps or plays. That way, I’m able to run errands and chores without worrying about him roaming around.


Cleaning and maintaining the Graco Pack n Play was easy, though I did have problems with the sheets. Since my little one can make messes, there are times I considered replacing it. But what are the crib sheets for Graco Pack n Play? I wondered if I had to get the ones that are made for the product, or if I can use any other crib sheets.


I did the research, asked other moms, and tested some crib sheets myself to answer that question. So read on as I show you everything you need to know about crib sheets for Graco Pack n Play!


What Kind of Crib Sheets to Use for My Graco Pack n Play?

Before anything else, I want to make clear of some things about using crib sheets for Graco Pack n Play.

There are a few questions many moms have in mind, like:


  1. Do I need specialized Pack n Play Crib Sheets?

While crib sheets made for Graco Pack n Play are most recommended, it’s not a huge necessity. You’ll be able to use other types of crib sheets, provided that they are of the same size as the Pack n Play. However, I still recommend investing in fitted ones made for Pack n Play to be safe.


  1. Is it possible to use regular crib sheets?

Like mentioned, you CAN use regular crib sheets for your Graco Pack n Play. BUT, you must make sure that they are fitted for the bassinet and changing table portion for safety. You won’t want it to unravel and cause unwanted accidents. This is because they have differences in terms of size and padding.


  1. Can I use any crib sheets for the bassinet and changing table part of the Pack n Play?

As long as the crib sheets are thick and of the right size (meaning they are fitted and not loose), then it’s possible to use them. But as mentioned above, using the specialized Graco sheets are best recommended. I’ll be showing you the best crib sheets for Graco Pack n Play to help you out!


You can refer to this helpful video to learn more about crib sheets suitable for your Graco Pack n Play:


The Importance of Using Quality Crib Sheets

Now that I tackled the frequently asked questions, another thing to look into is the benefits of owning quality crib sheets!


You’re probably thinking, “Why not just get any cheap, regular crib sheets? Won’t that work?” Well, you’ll be surprised as to how much of a difference high-quality crib sheets (compatible with a Graco Pack n Play) can work for both you and your little one! Here are just some of the benefits:


Comfort and Support for Your Baby

One of the things you must prioritize is the safety and comfort for your little one. With soft and quality crib sheets, your baby won’t have trouble settling in the sheets, staying safe because it’s made of the hypoallergenic materials that prevent allergies or any accidents from happening. Plus, they’re comfortable and will sleep or play soundly!


Easy to Clean and Maintain

This is a huge advantage for any mom! You wouldn’t want crib sheets that take ages and a million steps to wash. I prefer crib sheets that are made of quality materials and are machine-friendly, so I just throw it in and it cleans in a jiffy. Plus, I like crib sheets that are less susceptible to stains.


Strong and Durable Materials Built to Last

You’ll want to get your money’s worth with a quality set of sheets. What I love about good and trusted crib sheets is that they have the soft yet durable material that can last for as long as your little one uses it, making it a great investment without spending time and effort in replacing it again.

How to Select the Best Crib Sheets for Graco Pack n Play

There are many benefits quality crib sheets have to offer. However, you can only reap such advantages if you select the right kind of products for you and your little one!


It might be confusing with the many kinds of sheets available, which is why you should focus on these helpful factors to consider when purchasing one:


Size and Compatibility

Depending on the Graco Pack n Play you have (and its compatibility with a  changing table and bassinet), you’ll find different sizes of crib sheets to fit it. That’s why you need to look into the model of the Pack n Play you own and ensure that you find the FITTED sheets that work for it.


Softness and Comfort

You’ll want to make sure that the crib sheets you use are padded and with the soft feel that your baby will need and enjoy. This is so they’ll be able to play and nap in peace without complaints or crying about how “hard” the sheets may be when laying down on it. Also, it should be made of natural, hypoallergenic materials that prevent allergies and the like.


Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Again, cleanliness is a priority for your baby, which is why you should invest in crib sheets that are easy to clean for your sake. I prefer machine-washable crib sheets that you can throw in the washing machine and dryer without worry of it shrinking or not cleaning as properly. It saves me a ton of time and effort!


The strength of Material and Durability

Crib sheets can be quite affordable, but you need to ensure that you get your money’s worth by investing in something that’s sure to last for the long run. I suggest that you look into reputable brands and positive reviews, which can help you find one that can be used for a long time without it being susceptible to damage.


The 5 Best Crib Sheets for Graco Pack n Play

Based on my research, tests, and overall customer reviews, these are the five quality crib sheets you can use for the Graco Pack n Play!


  1. BROLEX Stretchy Fitted Pack n’ Play Playard Sheet

What’s great about these sheets is that it’s unisex, and you also have the option to select between different colors. It comes in packs of two crib sheets, so you can use them interchangeably for preference or when the other is in the wash.


What makes it one of the best crib sheets to invest in for your Pack n’ Play is because of its material! Made of the quality soft jersey knit, it’s very plush and soft enough for my baby to enjoy while he lies down or plays around. Plus, it’s pretty easy to wash and clean, as it’s machine-washable.


From its ease of cleaning and pretty patterns down to the quality edges (for easy application), it’s worth the price!



  • Cute unisex designs to choose from
  • It’s machine-washable and easy to clean
  • Has an elastic bottom for quick application
  • Very soft and comfortable



  • Some complaints of receiving sheets with stains
  • It won’t fit bigger crib mattresses for toddlers


  1. Pickle and Pumpkin Premium Graco Pack n’ Play Mattress Sheet

Another great choice is the Pickle and Pumpkin Premium Graco Pack n’ Play Mattress Sheet. This is one of the best recommended as they are made and compatible with Graco Pack n’ play products, so you’re assured something with a tight fit to prevent accidents or the sheet from rolling away.

The sheets itself are made of high-quality materials with the super soft feel that both you and your little one will appreciate. Furthermore, with its snug fit, you won’t have trouble putting it on the pack n’ play mattress. Though machine-washable, it doesn’t shrink in the wash and lasts for a long time without wearing out. All in all, a worthy investment I would recommend for anyone using Graco Pack n’ Play products!


  • Made of high-quality fabric and with many pretty designs
  • Super soft feel and satisfying texture
  • High-quality and machine-washable
  • It’s not prone to wear and tear as easily as other sheets



  • It has rounded edges so it may be a bit loose for some Pack n’ Play mattresses
  • Some complaints about receiving torn products


  1. American Baby Company Printed Pack n’ Play Playard Sheet

The American Baby Company Playard Sheet is best made for your child’s Pack n’ Play mattress, with a cute design suitable for both boys and girls. It’s clean and neat, with a ton of colors to choose from according to what you and your little one prefer.

It’s the standard size for most playards, making it a universal fit for many baby mattresses, including the Graco Pack n’ Play. It’s simple and does the job in keeping the mattress fully covered without worry of it being too tight or loose, fitting snugly in the mattress.

Plus, it’s very soft, though a bit thinner than I expected. Other than that, I have no complaints and I think it’s an affordable purchase for a single set.


  • Comes at a more affordable price with fair value
  • Universal fit for all types of Pack n’ Play products
  • You have the choice to select organic materials


  • A bit thinner compared to other sheets
  • Not as durable as expected


  1. Ely’s and Co Pack n’ Play Crib Sheet

While the Ely’s and Co Pack n’ Play Portable Crib Sheet Set may seem like a dip in the budget, it’s actually well worth the price! Coming in sets of two, this set comes in cute patterns and neutral colors designed for any gender. Plus, it’s able to fit a Pack n’ Play, portable curb, or even a playard mattress, making it a universal and versatile crib sheet to use anywhere.

The sheets have a snug fit with my Pack n’ Play, coming with the strong elastic to ensure durability and that it stays in place. With its soft and breathable material, it’s a great investment or gift!


  • Made of lightweight and comfortable material
  • Universal fit for many types of mattresses
  • Has strong elastic and materials to last


  • A bit of an expensive price
  • Shrinks a bit after machine washing


  1. Graco Pack n’ Play Quilted Playard Sheet

Last but not least, we have the Graco Pack n’ Play Quilted Playard Sheet. This is really made and compatible with the Graco products, with the premium quality that makes it well worth the price.

I love that it’s a quilted sheet with extra padding, which keeps my little one cozy and warm wherever he is. You can also select different colors to choose from!

While it may be expensive, you won’t regret the purchase as it will last for a long time. If it weren’t for the price, this would have been at the top of my list!


  • Quilted sheet perfect for Graco products
  • Soft and warm to keep baby cozy
  • Strong materials that can last for many uses


  • Comes at an expensive price for a single set
  • Liquids spread easily


Wrapping It Up

And there you have it! While you don’t need to invest hundreds of dollars on crib sheets, you need to do your research and make sure that you select the ones suitable for your baby and his Graco Pack n Play. The difference of using quality crib sheets is evident, and I’m glad I decided to take my time looking for the perfect ones that fit the Pack n Play properly.

Hopefully, this article on crib sheets for Graco Pack n Play gave you an idea on what you should select for your little one. So don’t wait any longer and look into these crib sheets today!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with selecting crib sheets for Graco Pack n Play, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.