Is your little one growing really fast? Do you want to find a best carrier for your muscle baby ?

This is quite a common problem than you may think. Some parents find it hard to find a carrier that is sturdy enough to withstand a quick growing baby. There are also some toddlers that gets tired away and prefers to get carried. Then, there are parents who prefer to carry their kids around.

However, not all carriers are made equal. There are brands that can work well for growing toddlers. Since your baby is now getting older, you may want to keep him or her as close as possible.

Now, finding a baby carrier that grows with your child needs careful consideration. This is the same goes for finding any type of equipment. You will be surprised at how comfortable life can get when you find the perfect aid.

Always consider your kid’s safety. This should always be a number one priority. When you do your research, you will find that it is a lot easier than what you think. But, not everyone has the liberty to get down on the gritty nitty.

What are the factors to consider to ensure that your baby is comfortable and safe?

As a parent, you probably already know that your children grow up pretty fast. So, finding the perfect fit in the first go may do you good in the first few months, but what about the succeeding months after that?


  1. A carrier that can support your little toddler’s weight is always a perfect choice. Any uneven extra weight can stress your back and shoulders. Also, it will take a long time for you to adjust and readjust your baby. Unfortunately, this can be problematic not only for you, but more on your child.
  2. Choose a carrier that can make sure that your torso and back are properly supported, instead of your knees and shoulders.
  3. Meanwhile, make sure that your baby’s weight is resting evenly. The knees should always be in line with their feet.
  4. Carriers that have enough room to let your child move around. Let us have a scenario in mind. When you are shopping around, you might choose to hold your child on your hip to have a clear view. But whichever side you choose, you might want to shift your kid to the other side. If you do not have the space to do so, you will have to remove the carrier altogether. Only a convertible carrier can do that for you. You will not have to worry about it.


How To Choose A best carrier for your muscle baby?

Carrying your baby is not new to the world. You may have seen it become more popular as the years go by. Fortunately, it has become more modern as the years go by. Here are some important tips in finding the perfect carrier for you and your child.

First, set your mind on a particular style. There are many styles of baby carriers. There are five specific types of carrier style.



  1. Meh Dai is based on a Traditional Chinese carrier. The baby can rest properly inside a structured compartment. The straps can be tied around the parent’s waist and shoulders. A pouch can be seen on both ends. The pouch is rectangular and it is usually worn like a sash. Unfortunately, the downside it comes in just a single size and it is not really adjustable.
  2. Ringsling contains a loose-fitting pouch that can be easily adjusted.
  3. Another style is called Soft Structured Carrier or SSC for short. These have backpack or buckle carriers and are based on backpacks that have padding and waist straps.
  4. Last are the wraps, which are made of fabric that can be configured in many ways. However, these do not provide padding or support.


Next thing to think about is how comfortable the carrier will be for both parties – you and your child. No matter what style you select, choose one that has extra pads and soft fabrics. If you live in an area that is too hot, always select one that is made of mesh fabric. This can promote good airflow.


Lastly, a strong carrier will help you in more ways than you can imagine. Check the seams rigorously. The details will determine the strength of your carrier. Other than that, you should also make sure that the attachments are just as durable as the main parts of the carrier. All materials should be of high grade, particularly the fabric. It should be as thick as possible because you should not choose anything that can provide less-than-satisfactory results.


You know that babies and toddlers are very playful. Mess can be from accidents or spills. So, if you choose a material that is not very easy to clean will only make things difficult for you. Always research on which material can be easily washable and dried. You would not want to get a second carrier just because the first one takes too long to dry and you cannot grab it right away.


Now, that you know the top considerable factors in choosing the best carrier for your quickly growing baby, here are some of the highly recommended ones that fit the requirements.

The Top 4 best carrier for your muscle baby

1. Meh Dai: BabyHawk by Moby


This particular style can keep your baby feeling secured. It wraps up the body really well, but does not compromise on structure. It is like hitting tow birds with a single stone. The Moby made the BabyHawk with strong but soft fabric, which means it is also comfortable just as it is long-lasting. You can use it too regularly with no problem at all. After choosing it too many times, it has proven itself effective it withstanding wear and tear. There are many carriers that after repeated use, the stitching gets out of place, shrinks, or fades in colors. This type is not one of those.

The reason why this is one of the best carriers for heavy babies is that it is not too bulky. Most structured carriers tend to be larger just to accommodate the more heavy set ones. Some can be heavy by itself, so it is not wise to make things harder for you and add more weight to an already heavy baby.

Meh dai reduces the bulkiness, so you can carry heavy babies with not much fuss. Babyhawk also happen to use panels of fabrics that can use buckles and foam. The headrest is a very nice addition. If you have no use for it, you can fold it down. This convenience will help an adjustment. It has 72 inches waist strap. It can fit petite babies up to extra, extra large babies.  So, if you have a fast growing baby on your hands, then you can use this one for a long time.


Babies weight is evenly distributed. Adjustment period helps baby movement. Also, for first-time users, Meh Dai is surprisingly user-friendly to parents and too comfortable to babies.


It is not too airy, so using it during the summer is too hot. There is no sunshade. If the baby prefers facing forward, it does not accommodate that.


  1.  The Baby Carrier One called BabyBjorn

Styled in a minimal way, do not be fooled. This is a high-end product. It is done fairly well, but it is odd that it is not on the mainstream.Made of cotton and polyester, this material can be bit down by your children. It is guaranteed safe. It comes in many colors, such as silver, beige, and black.

Simply called The One, it is very comfortable for the baby and you. The shoulder straps are padded well. This means that a heavy baby will not literally bear too much weight on your shoulders. Most parents know how painful that can get after a long time.

It zipper system is pretty unique. It is one of the most wonderful attributes that contribute to it being good for heavy babies. It can be adjustable according to the baby’s growth. All you need to do is move the inner zipper inside to a lower level. Cleaning it up is also easy as you can wash it inside a machine.

The POSITIVES:  It comes in many colors, depending on the wearer’s preference. You can move the baby from the front to the back. The product is JPMA certified.

THE NEGATIVES: It is a little bulkier, but still does not have any space for wallets or phones. It also has no sunshade.


  1. The Four Position 360 by EgoBaby


This product is made with comfort in mind. The manufacturer placed a lot of considerable features in the product. Made with strong fabric and ideal stitching. With the material and quality craftmanship, it can withstand several wash cycles.

Both the parents and the baby are guaranteed comfortable all the time. The bucket seat can support your child’s legs and hips no matter what the position is. The seat can be adjusted to make it wider for a bigger-sized toddler. It has a back panel that can be extended to provide support to the head or the back, depending on your baby or toddler’s size.

For the parent’s, the widely padded waistband can give your lumbar region a great support. Similar to the other ones on the list, you can bet that its straps will not dig into the shoulders.

THE POSITIVES: You can place a nursing hood and take it off when not in use. You can wear it by yourself without any hassle. The bucket seat enables the hips and legs of your little ones with support.

The NEGATIVES: The waistband does not seem to help the carrier because it is hard to adjust. It also has no room for small items like the pocket. The type of material used is also not suitable for summer use.


  1. Toddler Nimbus, Arrow, Or Dragonfly Made By Beco

Do you like cute things? This one surely is! This product come in many different designs – clouds for nimbus, arrows for arrows, and dragonflies for dragonfly. The brand is known for its seams and buckles that are made with strong materials.

The adjustable parts also make it a perfect one for those who have heavy or fast-growing child. It has straps for the chest which can be moved and shoulder straps that can be detached when not in use.

This product is made with a toy ring where you can store your child’s favorite things.

THE POSITIVES: It has a hood to protect your child and has a waistband that can hold all your personal stuff. The Snap-On cloth is a nice additional item.

THE NEGATIVES: While it does a good job ensuring the baby is comfortable, it can only cover two positions. Also the wide panel for your back is not suitable for petite parents. It can also be fairly difficult to remove.



All these products are ideal for parents who have heavy babies or those who grows rapidly. These carriers can provide protection, safety, and ease of use at very reasonable prices.

However, if made to choose, the best option would be the BabyHawk for its versatility and fuss-free use. The length of the straps means it can be used by any member of the family. The buckles will also secure the child you are with. Its breathable materials make it easy to use no matter what the season is. A close second will be the Four Position 360. For toddlers who likes moving around (or parents who gets tired easily), this is a perfect option. Unfortunately, the materials used are too hot for summer. You do not want your baby to be all sweaty during this period. They will be very uncomfortable. If you live in a cold area, then grabbing this carrier will not be a problem.

Of course, your preferences will take the center stage. So, when making a selection, choose one that will benefit you and your child the most.