Best Baby Swings 2019 Reviews -Buyer’s Guide for Parents

best baby swings

This article will provide you an in-depth look into the best baby swings currently available. We will start an overview of different types of baby swings and their benefits, move on to baby swing reviews and finish with the buyer’s guide about buying the best infant swing for your needs.

The happiness of your baby is extremely important to you, especially if you are a new parent. There is nothing better than seeing it laugh and, on the other hand, there is nothing worse than seeing it upset and crying. Aside from your love and closeness with the baby, you will also need some accessories that will make the parenting experience much better. Baby swings are certainly an accessory that will make your parenting easier.

What Are Baby Swings?

According to Wikipedia, baby swings are swings that have a bucket or half-bucket shape with holes for the infant’s legs and/or a safety belt. Baby swings are an important asset in calming your baby and getting it to sleep. Without a baby swing, you would have to hold the baby in your arms and rock it, which can be tiring. Getting a swing for your infant will enable you to take a break and it will do an excellent job in calming your baby down.

Different Types of Baby Swings

Before we move on to the best baby swing reviews, let’s get to know the two different types of baby swings on the market:

· Full-size baby swings

· Portable baby swings

Full-size baby swing, as the name suggested, is intended to be placed in a permanent location. They are pretty big and heavy which is why you will have trouble moving them around or finding a place to store them when your baby doesn’t use them. While they do take a significant portion of space, they also have some important benefits. A full-size infant swing offers a longer and smoother swinging motion than the portable swing and it comes with more interactive and visual toys that your little one can enjoy.

Portable baby swing is usually a more affordable option for parents. They don’t offer the same amount of features as their full-size counterparts, but some top rated baby swings are actually portable. The most important task of a baby swing is to lull your baby to sleep, which portable swings definitely can do. Considering that they are portable, they are an ideal choice if you move around often. For example, if you are taking your kid to your grandparents’ house regularly, a portable swing can be of great help.

Best Baby Swings Reviews 2018

   1   :Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle 'N Swing  The most popular full-size swing on the market!

Fisher-Price is an extremely renowned brand when it comes to top rated baby swings. That’s why we are opening our best baby swing reviews with their Snugabunny product. Aside from the fact that it can swing head-to-toe, it has an additional swinging motion of rocking side-to-side, which will remind your baby of being in a cradle.

There are six swinging speeds and two positions – recline and upright. You can adjust the seat to be facing right or left or to be facing forward. It’s extremely easy to change between positions by using the buttons on the baby swing. The device is easy to use and maintain, considering that the seat cover can be washed in a washing machine. The motor of the swing runs on both batteries and power supply. That means that you will get an AC adapter, but you can also use batteries for portable use around the house.

Your child will have a lot of fun while being in this best baby swing. It comes with 16 soothing songs, as well as sounds from nature. Toys in the form of a bird are over your baby’s head to entertain and develop its senses and the infant can also snuggle a plush bunny toy to feel additional comfort.

On the downside, the motor of the product can get a bit loud, especially if you are using higher swinging speeds. The product is also a bit big and heavy, so be prepared to find a suitable place for it. Despite these disadvantages, this product is still one of the top baby swings on the market and you should definitely try it.

Take a look at how Snugabunny looks in this YouTube video.


  • Two different swinging motions and six speeds
  • Recline and upright position with adjustable seat
  • Runs both on AC adapter and batteries
  • Numerous entertaining options for you baby, including 16 different songs and a plush bunny to snuggle


  • Motor can be a bit loud at higher swinging speeds
  • A bit big and heavy

   2   :Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker,Winslet

            You Get Two Products Instead of One !

This Graco swing is another of the best baby swings on the market. With this accessory, you practically get two products in one. The swing seat is removable, so you can place it on the floor and use it as a rocker which you can carry around by using the clever top handle. The seat is also rotatable, so your baby can swing front to back and side to side. This baby swing also has 2 different soothing speeds that work in both modes.

Graco is aware that a reliable baby swing should offer you the choice of running it on AC power or by using batteries. That is why their product offers both options, although it needs 5 D batteries to run, which is a bit too much. The safety of your baby is of high importance to Graco, so the product comes with a 5-point harness.

The swing is pretty easy to control, but it is a big omission that a universal button that turns off the entire system doesn’t exist. Instead, you have to separately turn off vibration, music and the swing. Despite these shortcomings, the product is more than reliable. It’s extremely sturdy and solid and it comes with a stylish design and three different color options.


  • Two products in one – a swing with a detachable seat that can be converted into a rocker
  • Two different soothing speeds and adjustable seat
  • Works on both AC adapter and batteries


  • It requires 5 D batteries, which is a bit too much
  • There is no universal shut down button, but you have to turn off every part of the system separately

   3   Arm's Reach Concepts Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon

            The Best Old-Fashioned Baby Swing!

The next one on our baby swing reviews list comes from Arm’s reach and it is something totally different than the other products. Let’s start with the things you may consider to be bad – there is no motorized swing, vibrations or music. It doesn’t have a detachable rocker or a 5-point harness. However, this old-fashioned baby swing comes with a lot of advantages.

First of all, as the name suggests, it is a cocoon-like swing, which helps her achieve great functionality. The rocking motion is responsive to with your baby’s movements or you can give it a little nudge to start swinging. This is a portable swing, which means it is perfect for traveling. The zip-up netting option makes it perfect for camping or taking your child to the beach, considering that it will protect him/her from bugs.

The swing is completely natural and perfect for soothing your baby’s stomach aches, gas pains, acid reflux, and colic. However, you should know that this travel baby swing is only for newborns and infants up to 15 pounds (approximately 5-6 months). After your kid learns to roll over by himself, you shouldn’t allow him to use the swing because it has no safety system.


  • Easy to assemble and disassemble, making it perfect for travel
  • There are no cords or batteries because it works based on your infant’s movements
  • Perfect for outdoor due to zip-up netting feature


  • Limited to babies under 15 pounds or until they learn to roll over
  • It doesn’t have any ‘fancy’ features, such as vibrations or music

   4   :Fisher Price Rainforest Cradle 'n Swing   An Open-Top Cradle Is the Parent's Top Choice

An open top is a feature that qualifies a product into the best swing for baby category and it’s no different with the Fisher Price Rainforest baby swing. The open top makes it extremely easy to place the infant in the swing and take him/her out when needed. It also has two swinging motions – front to back and side to side, as well as six soothing speeds.

The rainforest theme is very creative and bright colors are used in the design. The jungle animals and fluttering leaves add to the overall impression and the nature sounds and music are also carefully chosen. The design is very stylish and convenient, considering that this is a foldable baby swing. You’ve heard it right - you can fold it easily for storage.

As for the drawbacks, the motor tends to run a bit slow when heavier babies are placed in the swing (25lbs is the critical weight) and some users complained that the mobile is a little high. Regardless of that, rainforest baby swing is a unique product you can’t go wrong with.

Fisher-Price published this official video of the product.


  • Open-top makes it easy to place your baby in the swing
  • Two swinging motions and six different speeds
  • Creative theme with interesting toys and sounds
  • Foldable for easy storage


  • Motor tends to be a bit slow when heavier babies are in the swing (up to 25lbs seems okay)
  • Mobile seems to be placed a little high

   5   :Graco DuetConnect LX Swing +Bouncer     The Most Entertaining Combination on the Market

The best baby products usually come from several brands and Graco is one of them. The DuetConnect Swing is similar to the DuetSoothe we already mentioned in our best baby swing reviews, except that it has a bouncer instead of a rocker. The technique is the same – the removable swing seat can be used as a bouncer.

The sitting area is fairly large and the plush seat is perfect for the comfort of your child. It has two vibration speed settings and six different speeds. The 10 classical music melodies and 5 nature sounds, as well as the toys that are removable from mobile, make a perfect combination of the entertainment features.

Unfortunately, the product only has a side to side swinging motion and a non-adjustable mobile that seems to be a bit low. On the bright side, there are various different models available and it uses both battery and AC adapter. Overall, this might be the most entertaining product for your baby on the market, although it might to a bit better when it comes to the swinging task.


  • A two in one product – a baby swing that converts to a bouncer
  • The most entertaining product for your baby with endless opportunities to have fun
  • Two vibration speed settings and two different speeds
  • Uses both AC adapter and battery power


  • Non-adjustable mobile that seems to be a bit low
  • Just one swinging motion – side to side

   6   :Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing                         A Baby Swing with a Removable Tray

This is the only baby swing with tray we included in our baby swings review, but it’s not the only reason why it’s on the list of the top 10 products in the category. Fisher-Price is known for excellent accessories and Papasan Cradle Swing certainly fulfills the expectations. It has two different swinging motions – head to toe and side to side, as well as six swinging speeds. The swing also has the upright and the reclining position and adjustable seat.

The optional tray might be the reason why this is the best infant swing for your needs because it can be very useful to feed your baby. Your little one will surely be more than satisfied with the entertainment options at his disposal. He can listen to 16 different melodies and calming nature sounds or enjoy watching the overhead starlight show or playing with the soft hanging toys. The parents will love the fact that the product is easy to assemble.

Some of the users did complain that the swinging is a bit too fast for newborns and too slow for older babies. The maximum weight recommendation is 25 pounds and, as for the speed, you can choose from six different settings. The motor can get a bit noisy at higher speeds.


  • Two different motions and six different speeds
  • Uses both a plug-in adapter and batteries
  • Easy to assemble
  • Starlight show and 16 different melodies to keep your child entertained


  • The swinging speeds vary greatly – some might seem too fast, while the other may look too slow
  • The motor can get a bit noisy

   7   Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat              An Affordable and Portable Baby Swing

The next in line of the best baby swings we present is another one from Fisher-Price. Although it has a “deluxe” prefix, it’s actually one of the more affordable baby swings. This portable product comes with two modes. When you don’t want to use a six-speed swing, you can easily convert it into a calming vibration stationary seat.

The product is entertaining for your child, considering that it has ten different songs and sounds from nature and hanging toys. The seat is comfortable and, thanks to the Smart Swing Technology, the motor adjusts the speed as your baby grows. The product is easily foldable, making it great for travel and easy storage.

While this is one of the baby swings available, it has some disadvantages. It uses battery power to work and it not only needs four C batteries that don’t come with the product, but it drains them extremely fast, especially if you use swing and vibration at the same time. There is no AC adapter and the batteries are your only option to run the product. Keeping in might that’s it’s a travel baby swing, it might be a bit heavy.

You can look at another review of this product on YouTube.


  • A pretty affordable baby swing, although it has a “deluxe” prefix
  • A foldable swing for easy storage and travel
  • Six-speed swing that you can convert into vibrating stationary seat


  • It uses four C batteries and drains them quickly. The batteries are not included
  • There is no AC adapter
  • Considering that it is a portable swing, the product is a bit heavy

   8   :4moms' mamaRoo Multi Plush Baby Swing             Control the Swing with Your Smartphone!

Make some room because the best baby swing is here! Your infant will feel like a real gentleman (or a lady) in this travel swing. The seat sways from side to side and up and down perfectly mimicking the movement of the parents. You can adjust seat recline any way you want for the maximum comfort of your little one.

There are two important features that will make you think about the 4moms’ product if you are looking for a best portable swing for baby. The mamaRoo has four soothing melodies built-in but it also supports playing mp3’s, which means that you can choose your favorite songs and play them to your baby. Parents will also like the fact that you can control motion and sound with your smartphone by using Bluetooth.

One of the downsides of the mamaRoo Multi Plush also lies in the sound, or more precisely, the speakers. They don’t seem to be high-quality and the sound is not good enough. It’s also a bit annoying that, if you use the control buttons on the device, you will need to get down on your knees. Even with its shortcomings, the mamaRoo might be one of the best portable swing products available.


  • Perfectly mimics the natural parental movements
  • Attachable mp3 player enables you to play your own songs
  • Bluetooth connectivity for controlling the motions and sounds


  • The control buttons on the device are located at the bottom, so you will have to get down to your knees to use them
  • The sound coming out from the speakers is not of good quality

   9   :Graco Swing By Me Portable 2-in-1 Swing               A Basic Portable Swing That Does Its Job

The next product we will review is another portable baby swing by Graco. The 2-in-1 mark actually means that this is technically a full-size swing, but it can easily be transported to other rooms, considering that it’s not heavy. It has a reclining seat with three different positions to assist with the coziness of your baby. The plush seat only adds to the comfort and the toy bar located above your infant’s head is a place where you should attach soft toys for the kid’s visual stimulation. The safety is at a high-level thanks to the 5-point harness included.

Swing by Me uses battery power to run. Actually, it overuses the batteries because they don’t last long at all. Also, the recommended weight is up to 25lbs, but when the babies with over 12lbs are in the seat, the motor has a problem to swing. Aside from that, the motor is too loud. In fact, it is so loud that it’s only positive that there’s no music, considering you wouldn’t be able to hear it.


  • A full-size swing easily converted into a portable one
  • Three different seating positions
  • High-level safety thanks to the 5-point harness included


  • Very loud motor that has trouble swinging babies over 12lbs, although the product’s recommended weight is up to 25lbs
  • Batteries last for only a short amount of time

   10   :Comfort& Harmony Cozy Kingdom Portable Swing                 A Portable Swing with Packed with Full-Size                         Swing Features

Although Comfort & Harmony might not be a brand as popular as Graco or Fisher Price, their Cozy Kingdom travel baby swing is an excellent choice that provides all the comfort of a regular swing fitted into perhaps the best portable baby swing on the market. The plush fabrics secure that your baby will enjoy in its seat while it swings in six different speeds.

Six original melodies and two plush toys are in charge of keeping your baby entertained. The seat has 2 positions and can be washed in a washing machine. Perhaps the biggest advantage is the WhisperQuiet technology that guarantees that the motor is as quiet as possible and doesn’t disturb your baby’s sleep.

On the other hand, the button that adjusts the speed of the swing can get a bit loud. Some users also complained that the music is louder than it should be, although it does have volume control. Overall, this is a great, reliable and sturdy product that provides great value for money and might be the best travel baby swing out there.


  • A portable swing that provides all the features of its full-size counterparts
  • Comfortable and machine washable seat
  • Six different speeds for swinging
  • Extremely quiet motor thanks to the WhisperQuiet technology


  • The button for adjusting the speed is noisy
  • The swing is pretty low and close to the floor

A Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing Baby Swings

Why You Need Baby Swings?

Regardless of the type you choose, top baby swings come with some important benefits:

· They are soothing – probably the most important benefit of baby swings. If your baby is nervous or feeling fussy you can calm it down by placing it in one of the best baby swings. A gentle motion of rocking or bouncing is soothing and comfortable for your infant.

· They can get your baby to sleep – aside from soothing your baby the best baby swings on the market can even lull your infant to sleep. If you are looking for a good place for your baby to nap, you’ve found it in baby swings.

· Your hands will be free – baby swings mimic the motion of rocking when you take the infant into your hands, which sometimes can give you a much-needed break. A baby wing is a perfectly safe place for your baby to take a nap or play while you get things around the house done.

· They provide and educative and entertaining experience – not only they soothe your baby, but infant swings are also very entertaining for your little ones. They usually come with interactive and visual toys that stimulate your baby to find out about its environment.

How to Choose the Best Baby Swing

There are some important things you need to consider when purchasing best swing for baby. The first in line is the swing seat, which should have the capability to recline because it is the perfect position for your baby when it falls asleep. Also, the seat should also have the option to be kept upright because it makes it easy to feed your infant or let it play with all the available toys in his baby swing.

You should choose the best baby swing for your needs based on the swinging motion and speeds you desire. Naturally, you can change the direction and speed of the swinging. The control of the motion is usually done through the remote control or on the swing itself.

The frame of your best infant swing should be of strong metal in order to provide enough sturdiness and stability. You don’t want to risk it falling apart and endangering your child’s safety. It might be a good idea to look for frames that are not too tall. It can sometimes happen for the baby to fall out of its swing and, in this case, it will be a short fall.

While we are talking about the safety of your baby, let’s mention the importance of harness straps. They are a great way of restraining your baby in the accessory in a secure way. Harness straps are usually adjustable, which means you can set them so they don’t trouble your baby, but they still keep it in the swing. These accessories usually come with 3-point or 5-point harnesses but the latter one is a much better choice, especially considering that they usually have a strap that goes over the shoulders which makes them safe even for newborn babies.

Baby swings have significantly developed over the recent time and offer and incredible range of entertainment equipment. For example, even a travel baby swing can have a vast array of toys, lights and sounds to keep your infant entertained. As we mentioned in our baby swings reviews, the entertainment features will keep your baby interested until it outgrows the swing.

You can choose between a baby swing that requires a constant power supply and a travel swing that is usually battery-operated. You should know that you will need to change or recharge the batteries pretty often. On the other hand, the fact that some baby swings need a power source will affect their portability, so the decision should be completely based on your needs.

Baby swings are not small products, which is why they don’t come pre-assembled. If assembling the products is not your strongest suit, perhaps the best swing for baby in your case is the one that’s easy to assemble.

Safety Notes about Baby Swings

Safety of their baby is the primary concern for every parent. Here are some important notes in this are to know about these swings:

- Never let your baby out of sight – yes, a baby swing will allow you to use your hands for chores or other stuff, but make sure not to leave your baby unattended. It only takes a moment for your little one to get itself in danger, so be careful and be ready for a quick reaction at any moment.

- Follow guidelines for age, height, and weight – in general, baby swings are intended for infants. However, depending on the particular swing, there might be some limits when it comes to height and weight. The average weight limit is 20-30lbs, but all swings come with clear guidelines when it comes to this matter, so make sure to follow them.

- If your baby can leave the crib itself, that’s when you should stop using it – it might take months, but your little one will eventually figure out how to get away from his/her crib. When this happens, it might be the time to give up the product. If you want to follow the expert’s advice, once the baby is able to push up on its hands and knees, then it’s time to stop using the baby swing.

- Experts say that you shouldn’t let your baby spend more than an hour in its swing. This means that it is okay to let it take a little nap, but the product was not created with the night sleep in mind.

- Make sure to place your baby swing in a safe area. Don’t place it on the bed because it’s not sturdy enough and avoid elevated or inclined surfaces. Also, make sure that dogs and other pets can’t knock over the swing


That should cover everything you need to know about the best baby swings in 2017. This article offers you an in-depth explanation about the product and the best baby swings reviews, as well as a buyer’s guide to buying an item that will perfectly fit your needs. Everything that remains for you to do know is to think about what type of a baby swing you need. If you are traveling often, I suggest you choose a portable baby swing. If not, take a look at the full-size best baby swings we reviewed in this article.