Technology has given us a wide array of products that help improve the convenience of everyday activities. For example, monitoring your baby from a different room has evolved from physically checking them every half an hour to simply installing a baby monitor inside their room. Before, parents used the typical baby monitor that is basically a 2-way radio receiver which only captures audio. Nowadays, we have 2 camera baby monitors that parents can use to check on their babies visually.

Advantages of Using a 2 Camera Baby Monitor

-- Great for Monitoring More than One Child

The 2 camera or dual camera baby monitor is an ideal baby monitor for parents who have more than one child to look after at home. 2 camera baby monitors offer the advantage of supervising more than one room in the house. It is also ideal for families who have children of different ages. Basically, the biggest advantage that 2 camera baby monitors offer is maximized for families with more than one child.

-- Avoids Electrical Interference

2 camera baby monitors are also ideal for houses that have several electronic devices installed. Most standard monitors are susceptible to electronic interference caused by other devices, not the case with 2 camera baby monitors. This is due to the fact that the dual camera baby monitor is designed to be extremely compatible with other digital devices. This is why 2 camera baby monitors are highly recommended for modern households that utilize various wireless devices.

-- Compatible with Other Wireless Devices

Most, if not all, 2 camera baby monitors are designed to be compatible with every type of electronic device that you have at home. You can view live feed and recordings via your desktop computer, your smartphone, or tablet. This is ideal if you hired a caregiver as they can keep close watch of your kids while temporarily attending to a different chore in another room.

As you might have already figured out, 2 camera baby monitors are completely wireless which is another huge benefit it offers. It can pair up with other devices using the same Wi-Fi connection within your home easily Its wireless nature means the parent or caregiver can move to the opposite side of the house and still be able to monitor what the child is doing via their smartphone or tablet. A handy feature for busy parents.

-- Perfect for Busy Parents

Speaking of busy parents, dual camera baby monitors are perfect for working parents who hire a nanny to look after their children when they are away. They can quickly and easily monitor their children from their workplace and offer parents immediate peace of mind knowing their child is safe. This also acts as a form of added security in case of accidents and other unforeseen events.

A 2-camera baby monitor is an ideal safety and security device for parents who have more than one child at home. It makes checking up on your toddlers quick and easy. This type of security device is also highly recommended for parents who have a busy schedule, which is pretty much every new parent nowadays.

The Top 8 Best 2 Camera Baby Monitors 

Now that you have an idea about the benefits of owning a 2 camera or dual camera baby monitor, let us go a step further and introduce you to the best ones in the market today. This list was compiled using specific buying guidelines (which we will discuss later in this article), personal experience, and overall positive customer feedback.


One of the top split camera baby monitors that you can get your hands on today, the DBPOWER is reasonably priced considering all the features that come with it. Screen resolution is pretty good although not as clear and crisp as other high-end devices which are expected.

This device is also designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Both cameras are automatically paired with the monitors and all you need to do is install them in the preferred room and turn them on. This design also eliminates the risk of the cameras getting hacked as you won’t need to connect it to any network.

One of the best features the DBPOWER baby monitor offers is its ability to use up to 4 cameras at the same time. You can cycle through each feed using your monitor or simply display all 4 feeds via split screen. All cameras also utilize motion sensors which automatically turn them on whenever there is movement captured by their sensors.

The device can also record videos for future playback but will require an SD card to do so. Another aspect I enjoyed about the DBPOWER is the easily navigated menu interface. If you will be hiring a caregiver for your children you can easily teach them how to use this baby monitor within minutes.

If you are looking for a simple and easy to use dual camera baby monitor then you should definitely check out DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor. While the price is relatively expensive, the features it offers can give you the peace of mind by checking on your baby in an instant.


  • Easy to set up.
  • The microphone is extremely sensitive to even the faintest sound.
  • Comes with built-in nightlight and lullabies.
  • The temperature gauge is highly accurate.


  • Cannot be used in conjunction with your smartphone.
  • The monitor does not come with a sleep mode to save battery.


This dual camera baby monitor sports a 5-inch screen which is definitely one of the largest screen sizes in the baby monitor category. It will need this extra size for properly showing up to 4 screens at the same time. Screen resolution is actually pretty good when compared to other 5-inch screen gadgets. The Summer Infant Wide View also comes with night vision mode which displays the video in black and white.

I would also like to highlight its use of the wide-angle lens. This skips over the need of having a pan and tilt camera movement. A lot of parents who use cameras that pan and tilt complain about the noise it generates which can often time wake up the baby in the middle of the night. By using wide angle lenses, Summer Infant can deliver a clear and complete view of the room the instant you turn it on.

Additional features that come with the Summer Infant Wide View 2.0 includes the ability to zoom, night vision support, a built-in nightlight, and its ability to support up to 4 cameras. The Summer Infant Wide View 2.0 is a great baby monitor if you prefer to check in on your baby discreetly while they sleep.


  • Utilizes wide angle lenses that captures the entirety of the room without the need to pan and tilt the camera.
  • User-friendly installation and use.
  • Fair price for a 2-camera baby monitor.


  • No temperature sensor.
  • Not Wi-Fi compatible which means you can’t pair it with your smartphone.


Babysense offers a more affordable option for parents looking for a 2-camera baby monitor. Costing around the $100 price bracket, Babysense comes with 2 cameras out of the box. While it does not come with all the features a higher end baby monitor has, for the price and its performance it manages to be a smart purchase if you are in the market for a budget friendly dual camera baby monitor.

Screen size is quite small so don’t expect it to compete with other 4 to 5-inch monitors. The Babysense uses a 2.4-inch monitor display which is not much by today’s standard but still manages to deliver a decent way for parents to properly check on what their children are doing.

While it does appear to be quite limited when compared to another top of the line dual camera baby monitors in the market, for its price you still get a solid and reliable baby monitor. It comes with other helpful features such as room temperature sensors that notify you directly if the temperature reaches exceptionally low or high levels.

The cameras can also be controlled remotely to pan and tilt for a better view of your toddler wherever they are in their room. As for the connectivity of the monitor and camera, it manages to pair up with each other for up to 900 feet with the occasional lag and interference.

All in all, I would recommend this for parents who are looking for a dual camera baby monitor will not burn a hole in your wallet. While it does not come with all the bells and whistles that more expensive models offer, it does allow you to easily monitor your babies without any issues. That is pretty much all you need.


  • You can turn off the video to save battery yet have the microphone still active making it into an audio baby monitor.
  • Affordable price with a decent set of convenient features.
  • Easy to use and install.
  • Built-in audio sensor.


  • Does not come with most of the modern features found in high-end baby monitors such as motion sensors.
  • The small screen means it does not support split-screen mode. You will need to switch between camera feeds similar to changing the channel.


The Motorola MBP36S can accommodate up to 4 cameras at the same time making it another ideal option for families with multiple children at home. The cameras can transmit videos clearly at a range of up to 600 feet.

It comes with a split-screen mode that allows you to view two to four different camera feeds at the same time. However, if you do have 4 cameras installed, I would highly recommend that you simply plug the receiver to your TV or DVR as the 3.5-inch screen is way too small to accommodate all 4 video streams at once.

You can also control the camera angle remotely. The camera has built-in temperature sensors that are quite accurate. You can also opt to activate lullaby music to help your baby fall asleep at night. One element about the Motorola MBP36S that I feel it fell short of is the battery life. I clocked the battery life at 4 hours which is quite disappointing when compared other wireless baby monitors that offer 6 hours of battery life.

The Motorola MBP36S is a traditional dual camera baby monitor that offers all the features required. However, it is more of a ‘Jack of all Trades’ baby monitor that is reliable but lacks the bells and whistles that some of its competition delivers on.


  • Split-screen feature.
  • Can use up to 4 cameras at once.
  • The receiver can connect to your TV or DVR.


  • Battery life only lasts for 4 hours.


Some parents prefer a camera monitor that can be used as an all-around security camera. Enter, Nest Security Camera. While definitely more expensive than your standard baby monitors, the Nest Security Camera offers a bunch of convenient features when it comes to monitoring your children and your home.

The Nest Security Camera uses DVR function and can automatically save recordings to your Cloud account. In terms of video resolution, the camera can record 1080p resolution videos 24/7 giving you a crystal-clear quality video.

It also connects to your Wi-Fi so any device that uses the same connection or has the Nest system installed can easily check the live video feed at any time. This is a heavy-duty security camera that can act as both a baby monitor and an all-around security camera in the future. It also features a motion sensor that sends alerts to your smartphone immediately whenever it detects movement in the room.

The downside here is that it does not come with features that are synonymous with baby monitors like temperature sensors, nightlight, and music. However, as far as accessibility and convenience are concerned, the Net Security is definitely one of the top security systems that you can get today.


  • 1080p resolution high-quality video recordings.
  • Connects to Wi-Fi and is compatible with other devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Saves recordings directly to your Cloud account.
  • Motion sensor alerts you when there is movement detected in the room.


  • Not exactly a traditional baby monitor and will not come with some features that are common in that type of security camera.
  • Quite expensive.


The Snug Baby Monitor V2 is a Wi-Fi baby monitor which means you can practically use any device that can connect to a Wi-Fi as your main mode of monitoring your babies. One aspect you will immediately notice here is its extremely affordable price tag. Fortunately, this lower price does not equate to fewer features.

Setting up the Snug Baby Monitor V2 is extremely easy. Just place it over an ideal vantage point in a room and plug it into a power source. Next up, you just need to install the Snug App that you can get for free on your smartphone app store.

The app is designed to be as user-friendly as possible. It comes packed with features to give parents the ability to customize the features to their liking. Videos are recorded in HQ quality with barely any pixelation issues.

Additional features include a motion and sound detection which automatically sends alert straight to your phone. The app can also automatically send alerts to your even if it’s closed which is a good feature to have in any security system.

You can adjust the regularity of the notification as well if you wish to save some battery life and to avoid unnecessary alerts with every faint movement in the room. You can also remotely control the camera via your Snug App. You can tilt, pan, and zoom the Snug Baby Monitor V2 via your smartphone.

You can also purchase 2 or more Snug Cameras to check on your child wherever they are in the house. The Snug Baby Monitor V2 is definitely one of the more budget-friendly yet highly reliable dual camera baby monitors you can get your hands on today.


  • Affordable price tag.
  • High-quality video resolution.
  • High-quality night vision mode resolution.
  • Motion and audio sensors.


  • Does not have room temperature sensors.


Don’t let the cute design fool you, this is one of the most reliable monitors you can find today. The Arlo Baby Monitor can operate as wired and wireless thanks to the rechargeable battery installed in the camera. We clocked in the cordless mode at 3 hours until the battery drained, good enough for monitoring your baby as they nap. The set also comes with a wall mount if you can’t seem to find the right location to set it up.

It can record videos of 720p resolutions by default but can be switched to 1080p if you wish. You can adjust the frequency of notifications as well as remotely adjust the field of view of the camera. However, it cannot pan and tilt the actual camera remotely and you will need to manually adjust it to the perfect angle.

Parents will also appreciate its temperature, humidity, and air quality sensors. It also records videos quite well even at night. I did find opening the app on the phone having a slight yet noticeable lag but not a deal breaker.

Overall, the Arlo Baby Monitor offers everything you would want in a reliable baby monitor. The ‘Always Listening’ mode is also a nice feature that streams audio from your child’s room directly to your smartphone.


  • Wi-Fi connectivity and can be used with smartphones and tablets.
  • The ‘Always Listening’ Mode greatly helps put your mind at ease.
  • Can record 720p and 1080p video resolution.
  • Temperature, humidity, and air quality sensors.


  • Cannot remotely control the angle and view of the camera.
  • Some lag when turning on the app on your smartphone.


If you are looking for a baby monitor that offers a user-friendly interface and makes operating it as convenient as possible then you might want to check out what Project Nursery is cooking. The Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor is built to be compatible with Alexa which allows you to control the baby monitor via voice command.

You can actually control the camera to pan, tilt, zoom, and play lullaby music, among others via voice command. This is a nice interface if you currently have your hands full with another chore at home. As for the camera itself, it can record 720[ resolution videos. If you wish to record videos and images you will need a microSD card to do so.

All in all, the Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor makes monitoring your children from another room a breeze thanks to its compatibility with the Alexa Virtual Assistant. A good option for the modern family who already owns the Amazon Alexa VA at home.


  • Amazon Echo and Alexa integration.
  • Voice command is on-point.
  • Comes with a complete list of essential features for a baby monitor.


  • The Project Nursery app is still a little rough around the edges with some of the newer features.

Questions to Ask When Buying a 2 Camera Baby Monitor

Now, if you can’t seem to find the list of baby monitors listed above, don’t fret! Here is a quick guideline on how to pick out the best possible baby monitor in your local shop.

Does it have its own monitor or can you use your smartphone?

When it comes to convenience, having a baby monitor that uses your smartphone as the monitor is your best bet. This also means it can connect to other smartphones or tablets which allows both parents to monitor their child individually.

What is the range of the camera?

Always make sure that the range can reach every area of your home as well as the outside. The longer the range, the better.

What are the camera’s specifications?

What is the video resolution? If it is 720p and above then it is a good solid choice. Anything below that might cause pixelation problems. You should also check the pan and tilt feature to see if it can view the entirety of your child’s room.

What are its audio feature capabilities?

Look for ones that offer you the ability to play lullaby music and push-to-talk functionality. It should also be sharp enough to capture the faintest sound in the room.

If it is wireless, how long is its battery life?

Most baby monitors can be plugged to a power source. Some offer you the ability to go cordless. Look for baby monitors that can last for a long time when in cordless mode.

What are its additional features?

The rule of thumb here is to look for one that comes with the most special features . For example, a baby monitor with temperature, humidity, air quality sensors, and night vision mode helps you check if your baby is safe and comfortable in their room at all times.


2 camera baby monitors are perfect for families with more than one child. It helps you check different rooms in your home and also comes with some nifty features as well. Hopefully, this article has helped you in figuring out which baby monitor to buy. Or at the very least, know what to look for when buying one for your home. Remember that our child’s safety is the most important thing to consider and if that means spending a couple extra bucks, then that is perfectly fine.